Europe because there is no alternative?

Door Guivanho gepubliceerd op Tuesday 13 May 12:30

With the elections for the European parliament ahead all political parties in Holland take, with Wilders as the exception, the stand that there is no alternative for the EU. What they really mean to say is that European cooperation is of utmost importance for Holland for economic reasons. They only differ concerning the nature en the extent of cooperation.

Talking about Europe from an economic point of view disregards the importance of Europe as a democratic project.  It’s nevertheless this disregard that explains the skepticism about the EU. European decision-making lacks legitimacy and this should have been the main theme in the election campaign. Europe’s president Herman van Rompuy stresses that all decisions are made with the approval of leaders of government, but forgets to say that most decisions are of a ‘like it of lump it’ nature. No wonder, that politicians try to minimize these decisions on a national level after having given their consent in Brussels.

As for Europe as a democratic project there is still a lot to do. When people would have the impression, that their voting really would be influential, decision-making would gain legitimacy and acceptance. Why is there no European senate with representatives of the member states? Why can’t we vote for someone from another state? Make the European parliament half as big and let us vote for a senate, that has to protect the interests of each member state. It would make a difference. Such views or others, that would be of importance for Europe as a democratic project, are not heard on the eve of the coming election. The only thing is the conservation of loss of sovereignty.

No wonder many voters don’t take the trouble to vote.  Nevertheless this is a short-sighted view. Who complains about the lack of legitimacy of European decision-making and makes no use  of his democratic right, however small, actually has no right to speak afterwards.


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