Book review: The clan of the cave bear

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Book review: The clan of the cave bear

I wanted to do something special: write a review about a review of a boek. So it's something new I wanted to try. I'm a Belgian student learning english, so forgive me my faults, and correct me in the comment section!

I chose the book “The clan of the cave bear”. It’s written by Jean M. Auel and it’s the first of six in the series ‘Earth’s children’. The book tells about Ayla, a girl who lived in the Ice Age, 30 000 years before present. By an earthquake she lost her parents, but luckily a clan of Neanderthals found her.

The first review

The first review is from Heather, a 26 years old American woman. She has a blog ( and there I found her review about my book.

The first opinion: “We get a very believable description of how they may have lived life – from the clothing they wore, to the spirits they could have believed in, the food they ate, how they hunted, and what they may have thought about each other.”

(Note: ‘They’ are the Neanderthals) I agree completely with this opinion. I didn’t know much of the Neanderthals, I didn’t know much of the Ice age at all before reading this book. At school we have learned a little bit of the Ice Age, but not much. And the movies Ice Age I, II and III are probably not the best teacher. But ‘The clan of the cave bear’ is very realistic, and I believe all the things she has written. After a quick look on the official site, it seems that she has done much research and the most details about the Neanderthals and animals and so on are realistic.

This is an example: “Girls of the Clan were expected to be well-versed in the skills of adult women by the time they were seven or eight.” Also the landscapes are very good described.

The second opinion: “There is quite a large cast of main characters and even more supporting characters, however Auel constructs all into well rounded characters that you can identify and connect to. Even the supporting cast does not get pushed into the background.”

The book has many characters, that’s right. But Heather says you can identify yourself and connect yourself to (almost) all the characters. In my opinion, there are not so many characters, but the names are horrible. I know the writer wanted realistic names, but it makes it way more difficult to identify yourself with the characters.

I didn’t found a sentence with many names in it. But If you see the names: Brun, Broud, Ayla, Iza, Oda, Ura, Ona, Ovra, … It’s hard to remember who was who.

The second review

Another review comes from (I found only a nickname) Jennieflower. She has posted her review on a blog. (site:

The first opinion: “The story is full of heart and suspense and even though the book has many pages, you can’t help but eat them all up.”

Agreed! I like reading, but I feared the many pages when I began reading because it’s just my second English book. But my dad said the English was not very hard, so I chose this book. And indeed, it read very good and fast, even for a Belgian student.

‘Gorn started gaining on Broud, then inched out ahead, but the sight of the broad-shouldered giant of a man making Broud eat his dust enraged him.’ p. 474

The second opinion: “It had drama and suspense and heart and joy in equal measures and not once became boring or hard to read.  It was nothing like anything I’d ever read before and I look forward to reading the sequels and following Ayla’s journey after this book.”

I agree with this opinion too. There are not many books about the Ice Age or about the Neanderthals. And I am going to read sequels too.

The last sentence: The last thing Ayla heard as she disappeared behind the broken ridge was Durc’s plaintive wail – “Maaama, maama, maamaaa!” p. 587

The clan of the cave bear

It was a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it. I comment The clan of the cave bear! I'm sure that I am also gonna read the next book to.

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