2) Ignoramus et ignorabimus?

Door Groundzero gepubliceerd op Wednesday 07 May 19:28

2) Ignoramus et ignorabimus? Autumn. Sun beams shine through the leaves as I am the only person to walk this obscure path. But there is more mist than sun, which suits my gloomy mood. Even the birds mute their singing, and whatever color still existed was dulled, as if it didn’t want to shout in the quiet. I would describe my mood today as melancholic, as if a storm is coming up. Actually, it's kind of wonderful. Alone in this forest, swimming in a flood of thoughts. Would melancholia coexist with philosophical thinking?

‘What makes me so different to so wear the endless burden of thinking?’, I once read. With disappointment as common result. I do this to myself, these are my thoughts, aren’t they? Where do they come from? If we are our thoughts, then how can we be so sure that what we see is real, that we even exist?

Maybe you nor I exist, except for in the imagination of an architect. Is this world of contradictions only fantasized by someone who is given an impossible choice? And as long as the person would not choose, the possibilities would be infinite. I could go even further and think about the possibility that thoughts and ideas could be induced/inplanted through decoded microwave signals. Or is this too comprehensive? Repeatedly I’m entering these walks into a world of possibilities.

I say, why not? Many people aren't that concerned to wonder where they came from. Ignorance is causing a major collapse to this so called civilization.

I am aware of my solitude though 'fear is the price of my vivid imagination'.

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