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KING OF THE KREMLIN ANALYZED. De Westerse pers doet alsof Putin een mysterie is & de CIA houdt hun de psych analyse profielen geheim; geen probleem, ik kan mijn eigen analyse maken, die ik verstrek in deze vlugge post.

How Putin thinks is important for us to predict what Russia will be doing in the near future. He has been compared to all kinds of dictators thruout history, esp. Napoleon who was also short.


Our Pentagon & CIA both do behavioral analyses on leaders, & the CIA gave theirs on Putin to Bush just prior to his 1st meeting w/ him at the Slovenian Palace at Brdo pri Kranju on 6/16/’01. Called “opaque” by our press, & described by a long-time observing Russian journalist as “a completely closed person”, Putin’s personality is open to me to analyze by certain skills & tools. As a Cert. Graphoanalyst, I have used this scientific-based technique & others to move beyond biases to discover the reality of people’s personalities. For instance, Jos. Smith, Jr., Mormonism’s fndr., has followers & detractors who muddy the water on who he was…so I used the science of Graphoanalysis to avoid these biases….many such analyses are to be found in one of my little known books: Guide to Ancient & Foreign Strokes (orig. ed. ’89, revised ed. 2006 by FYI, the IGAS Code of Ethics I subscribe to forbids the use of the occult…photo of the Code of Ethics attached to this post.

PUTIN’S PERSONALITY. [Comments which are not based on GA etc., but on books/articles are in brackets.] What jumps out is his excellent thinking abilities: intelligent, playing life like a chessboard, and emotionally responsive so that he responds quickly to a crisis. He loves details & analysis and is intuitively insightful. His agile mind can synthesize info & move easily from one idea to another. He is goal oriented & will invent approaches to achieve what he wants. [He hired creative economists and pushed free market ideas when he began his presidency & with Medvedev created an “innovation city” w/in Moscow filled with creative Russian brainstormers.] He is adaptable to situations, & his agile mind moves easily from one idea to another. [Which is why he baffles people who expect stupid predictability.] As a creative perfectionist, he sees problems & solutions. As a realist, he applies his dynamic energy to move forward on sound ideas. One sincere goal is to help Russia, esp. with its security & status. [This is why from ’99 to ’07 under Putin, Russia was fiscally responsible, placing extra oil profits into a stabilization fund amounting to $157 billion by 2/’08, & collecting $600 billion into their central bank reserves. This by the way, was all undone when the domino effect of Amer.’s ’08 financial meltdown hit Russia in Sept. It also explains why he has est. “a rigid vertical of power” which he sees as important to stop Russia’s disintegration & make govt. work.]


As a pragmatic perfectionist, he likes to study the past & he introspectively mulls over how he can do things better if given another opportunity. His mind is fascinated with intrigue & he is prone to be suspicious. [A good trait when one is in Russian intelligence like he was. But now he constantly frets about what Soros & the CIA are doing, & his intel’s reports bolster his fears. Not to mention how the West has openly acted…for instance, siding w/ Russian Georgia when Russia & Georgia had a shooting war, & scaring Russia by extending NATO into eastern Europe & the Baltic states on Russia’s border.] He is loyal to his friends & easily offended. [So disloyal friends are shown no mercy. All 9 of his close friends are rich-- and run businesses-- like billionaire Putin, who wears a $60,000 Patek Philippe watch, & enjoys his palaces, airplanes, yachts & limos. See the attached pic of one of his palaces.] While Putin can appear outgoing, he is really uptight & wants his privacy, what people called an introvert. END of Handwriting ANALYSIS.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS. Putin’s rise to power (like Col. Quadaffi’s) was in sync with oil revenues rising. This made both men popular with their people, because the Russian people like their leaders when they have a job & can eat. Popularity is linked to people’s perceptions of how well they are doing economically. Gorbachev & Yeltsin lost popularity because their attempts to reform the stagnant Russian economy destabilized it & made matters worse. Pres. Bush, in Apr. ’92, didn’t help, because his much touted $24 billion in aid to Russia was pure deception. There was little real aid; the U.S. for instance, gave credit to Russia to buy our farm products that they didn’t want! Then the IMF used the announcement of aid as an excuse not to help Russia. From ’90 to 2001, actual U.S. aid to Russia was $5 billion, not enough to save Yeltsin from unpopularity. To the Russian people, Putin has looked like someone who gets things done—sort of like how Ronald Reagan got credit when our Iranian hostages were returned when his presidency began (even though the diplomatic success had been Carter’s). I don’t mean to imply that Putin hasn’t done a good job, but some of his success was luck in timing & help from others.

Putin’s life of luxury, and his close day-to-day work with spooks & gangsters should dispel any false ideas that he is above scandalous behavior. Some of his associates are both spooks & gangsters. Putin served on SPAG’s board, a company used by org. crime (the Tambov group) to launder criminal profits like cocaine profits. So he fits in well with what Russia has become the last two decades. All that aside, the analysis shows that he is a dynamic person with a keen intuitive mind. He is certainly far smarter than our King Bush Jr. who hypocritically pontificated to Putin, “Bullying & intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century.” Reminds me of the saying, when you point your finger at someone you have 4 pointing back! If one knows the common Russian view of the outside world, & then tracks how the West has acted, it is plain to see why Putin distrusts the USA. So now we have entered into a new cold war w/ Russia. While there is a certain genius to both Hitler & Putin, Putin’s mind is far more balanced & stable, and he is not a gambler like Hitler. No leader acts in a vacuum, so Putin’s actions will also reflect the input of others who he trusts. The idea that Putin’s personality is mysterious is preposterous. I hope this has contributed to our understanding & ability to gauge upcoming events.

END. Again, all credit to the wonderful Fritz Springmeier. You can subscribe to his facebook page for daily articles!

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