Wanting a chatty person

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My assignment for CALARTS week 3. Characters. Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers  

Here's my assignment Track B (writing (out characters))

There's a man standing. Mostly nervously standing in his opened door. Waiting for other people. Perhaps all are gone in his life. Some diseased. Some to old to get there to visit him. As he leans on the side of the door, he seems to need something. He leans for the rest of his life, as if he is waiting in the door. Perhaps some new child would come, with a new mother from some other place. New in town. From a town far, far away. To start a new life here. A child that will find the reflex to say "Hi". But the man will remain alone. His cats are sitting in the windows near the door. His husband seems ill in the back of the room behind him. He is shyly hiding, seems afraid of people. But this man in the door will clearly remain alone wanting. Wanting someone on the door. His wanting will never stop. It'll own the man, the many years, the wanting can grow into his life and be able to take over his actions and other needs. When this man on this door will die he leaves a house, "the house of wantings". The husband will still scream in the back of this living room behind this door as he always has. The cats will make hungrily sounds. All in this house will want something as this man always wanted badly just someone for him beyond a reflex, beyond love for money. Just for him to be chatty too. It's in his last days a jobless man. Once he worked collecting paintings and other pieces of art. He became rich, found a nutty man, not many real friends and married loneliness. I think he robbed people before. He owns to many paintings and pieces of art hanging in the hallway thats seperates the front door to the living in the back that are shiney and types of art that are more likely attrackted by youngsters and rich men.He did all just to look intersting enough to be chatty with an alike person. But I guess he never found one. The neighbours are home, but never wanting to drop by... They leave him alone sadly just standing in the door. 

Thank you for reading my assignment! 

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intresting story chippies