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My assignment for Calarts: Mental map


How music, books, films and images influenced me... 

This and so much art has inspired me and chanced my ways in life. How I feel and love mostly. How I think, do and feel that "I am".  My Identity is hugely influenced by art. I love art. 

I believe many people have a lot more changed in their lives by art then they realize. 

Art comes in many ways even architecture. Certain shapes and colours influence our feelings everyday. The way a tube station is designed, a house or even the no dots or dots on a pillow can irritate or be loved. All is art. 

To me life is art. A creation. So all my CD's, music on the radio I even didnt buy but loved, and sang along, all movies many rented seen in cinnema's and theatres and many wished to be acted in, so many pieces of art seen in many galleries, national or none national museums loved completly from head to toes, so many books read or wished I had time for to read, and only saw the back of the cover off, so many images loved by new and old photographers, many many ideas that influenced my life. 

And I am happy with that, cause that made me, me a part of the world. As all pieces of art come from all people on the globe and all are important to be seen, listened to and to be watched. 

So we know what's around the globe, what we are a part of and who we are. 

Humans feel, express and are...

Thats art. 

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nice story