Home Remedies: Top 7 Ways To Treat Swollen Lips

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Have you ever experienced abnormal lip swelling? This can be annoying and affect the confidence level of individuals. You can have swollen lips due to several reasons including insect bites, oral herpes, allergies, edema, etc.

Cold and dry weather conditions also trigger peeled and swollen lips. Some of you might have red rashes and extreme pain, inflammation on your lips due to problem of swollen lips. A quite effective home remedies to treat the swollen lips are described below:


Home Cures for Swollen Lips:

Some of the home remedies to treat the swelling on pout have been discussed.

1. Cure Inflated pout With Cold Compresses:

One of the most significant remedies to treat swollen lips is using the cold compress. This helps to reduce the pain, inflammation of lips. It reduces the swelling to great extent. Have cold compress several times a day to cure all illness including the swelling.

2. Treat Swollen Lips With Hot Compresses:

Hot compress is equally effective for people to cure the inflated lips. Apply the compress with cotton ball. This helps reducing the pain, inflammation of pout. Hot compress is effective to enhance the blood flow. This helps to relieve you from the swelling. It is one of another easy home cure that treats the case of swollen pout.

3. Cure Puffy pout With Lip Balms:

Use a thin layer of lip balm over the puffy pout. This is regarded as tremendous remedy which solves the inflammation and swelling. Apply the lip balm to retain moisture of lips which reduces the pain and inflammation of lips. Drinking lots of water is also beneficial to keep soft, smooth lips. This method also helps to prevent the trouble of swollen lips.

4. Treat Engorged pout With Aloe Vera:

Spread a freshly extracted juice of aloe vera over the affected regions. You can also use the aloe vera gel which is effective to reduce the engorged pout. This helps to deal with the burning sensation.

This is one of the excellent herbal remedy which cures the puffiness. It has been used from ancient times to treat all types of skin issues. It also helps treating the inflammation and swelling cause from insect bites like mosquitos or bee stings.

5. Cure Enlarged pout With Turmeric Powder:

The turmeric is effective to heal the swollen lips. This is an excellent ointment which can be prepared by mixing the pinch of turmeric powder with cool water. Apply this paste over your lips. This is useful to reduce the pain. This makes the lips softer and effective to prevent further infections.

6. Treat Inflamed pout With Diet:

Vitamin C is helpful to retain good skin. This is helpful to enhance the health of skin tissues. You can consume the vitamin C rich foods to get healthy lips. This works to repair the ruptured skin of lips. 

Vitamin B is also known to reduce swelling and lessen the burning sensation caused from inflamed pout.

7. Treat the swollen pout with Lip plumpers:

There is no harm in checking out the lip plumper provided they contain natural ingredients. While searching for the best lip plumper ensure to choose the one which has anti-oxidants. This will help moisturizing your pout and retain its hydration levels.

This is helpful to get rid of the dry, cracked pout thereby make it softer. Do remember not to opt for too much lip makeup products. They have more potential to do harm than good. Use cosmetics but in moderation. People using the lip plumpers should essentially get rid of their makeup before going to bed.


Some remedies for swollen lips have been explained above. You can use any of them as per your convenience. If you choose the pluming method then make sure to select the effective lip plumpers.

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