The Plazilla Quiz Show 7

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In this series of articles you can test your general knowledge with these questions. You find questions about geography, film, television, history, sports, science, …  You also finds lots of multiple choice questions.


You find all the answers at the bottom.



1/Which sport did George Clooney play when he attended the Augusta High School?

A Soccer

B American Football

C Baseball


2/From which country is  Hvannadalshnúkur the highest point?


3/What is the first name van Miss Moneypenny in the Bond movie Skyfall?

A Antoinette

B Bridget

C Eve


4/Witch city in Alaska is also called the King Crab Capital?

A Anchorage

B Kodiak

C Fairbanks


5/Which famous deceased person can you form with all the letters from “all donne means”?


6/Are the actresses Kimberley and Jodie Foster sisters?


7/In which city can you visit the Spiral Minaret you see on the photo below?

A Samarra

B Tikrit

C Kut

8/Which rider won in 2014 the stage race Tirreno-Adriatico?


9/Park Geun-hye was the president of which Asian country?


10/Which African team is in the same group as the United States for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil?


11/Which of the following cities is not situated in France?



12/A player makes a break of five points in a snooker match. Which ball did he certainly not pot? Give all the possible correct answers.


13/Which football manager has the nickname “Big Phil”?

A Luiz Felipe Scolari

B José Mourinho

C Rafael Benitez


14/In which movie did Julia Roberts play Vivian Ward, a kind-hearted prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard?


15/What is the first name of the daughter of former American President Bill Clinton?


16/Which Lebanese-British singer-songwriter lost all his consonants?



17/In which year was the magazine “Playboy” published for the first time?

A 1943

B 1953

C 1963


18/Which bank used the slogan “The Citi never sleeps”?


19/How many dice do you require at least to throw thirteen in one roll?


20/What was the name of the South African model that Oscar Pistorius shot and killed?








1/C       2/Iceland       3/C      4/B      5/Nelson Mandela      6/no       7/A           8/Alberto Contador     9/South Korea      10/Ghana       11/Charleroi (Belgium)      12/white (cue ball), pink or black (you can make a break of five points by potting: 1/blue    2/red and brown    3/yellow and green)      13/A      14/Pretty Woman      15/Chelsea       16/Mika      17/B      18/Citibank      19/three       20/Reeva Steenkamp

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