Brown loss during your pregnancy

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During your pregnancy you can experience brown loss. This brown secretion is very concerning for pregnant women. The fear of a miscarriage can be paralysing. Fortunately there are many other reasons for brown loss during your pregnancy. In this article you can read all about it.

What is brown loss?

Brown loss is a kind of secretion that can occur on several occasions. Some women experience brown loss every month before they have their periods. Other women experience it when they're starting anti conception. 20% of women experience brown loss during their pregnancy.

However, brown loss is a deceiving name, because the secretion can also be pink or reddish.

What can cause brown loss during your pregnancy?

Brown loss can have many causes. The most occuring are the next ones:

  • The 'cleansing' of the uterus. When you're pregnant, you won't have any periods. However, some women get brown loss at the day they would normally have their periods. This is caused by a 'cleansing' of the womb.
  • Implantation. During the implantation some endometrial can get loose and leave your body as brown loss.
  • Circulation of the cervix. The cervix is better circulated during pregnancy. Because of this better circulation you are more likely to bleed. Most of the time this bleeding is insignificant, but it can lead to brown loss. Mostly this kind of brown loss is caused by sport, sex or other strenuous physical activities.
  • The beginning of a miscarriage. Unfortunately brown loss can also be an indicator of a miscarriage. The brown loss will change in red loss that is accompanied by cramps in your womb.

Is brown loss preventable?

Unfortunately brown loss isn't preventable. If you are sensitive for brown loss, it will happen. In some cases you can prevent brown loss by resting and avoiding any physical activities.

How do you distinguish brown loss of miscarriage?

Brown loss can be the beginning of a miscarriage, but it isn't necessarily so. In many cases where brown loss is experienced the woman stays pregnant, in despite of the brown loss. The most important differences between brown loss and a miscarriage are:

  • When it's a miscarriage, you will experience cramps that are comparable with the cramps you have during your periods.
  • During a miscarriage you lose more blood and one or more blood clots. The amount of blood lost during a miscarriage is comparable to the amount of blood you lose during your periods.

Doubts about a miscarriage?

When you're in doubt about your brown loss, you need to make contact with your midwife, obstetrician or gynecologist. They can take an echo to check if you're still pregnant. 

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