The Plazilla Quiz Show 6

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In this series of articles you can test your general knowledge with these questions. You find questions about geography, film, television, history, sports, science, …  You also find lots of multiple choice questions.


You find all the answers at the bottom.



1/Which five letter word is the connection between the three photos below?


2/What species is the blenny?

A fish

B monkey

C dog


3/With what fruit company did Fyffes plc merge in 2014 resulting in becoming the world’s largest banana producer?


4/Which ceremony can you form with all the letters of “real fun”?


5/Which English football club is also called “the Hammers”?


6/What temperature is the warmest?

A 25 °F

B 25 °C

C 25 °K


7/Of which to antonyms are the letters mixed together?



8/What is the name of the American actress on the photo below?


9/On which Indonesian Island is the Mount Agung the highest point?

A Java

B Sumatra

C Bali


10/At the end of which war was the Marshall Plan carried out?


11/”7 seconds” was a song performed by Youssou N’Dour and _________

A Neneh Cherry

B Axelle Red

C Celine Dion


12/Who founded in 1830 the religious movement the Mormons?

A Joseph Smith

B George Parker

C Frank Adams


13/What is in the following row the odd one out?

Monica Geller       Rachel Green       Phoebe Buffay      Miranda Hobbes


14/What is the official currency in France?


15/In the English version of the comic albums “The adventure of Tintin” the dog of Tintin is called Snowy. What is the French name of snowy?


16/Of which car brand are the models “Panamera” and “Cayenne”?


17/In which month took the first Summer Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 place?

A April

B June

C August


18/A group of alligators is called _____________

A a  troop

B a convocation
C a congregation


19/From which play by William Shakespeare come the words “To be, or not to be, that is the question”?


20/In which country was the photo below taken?





1/Lolly      2/A       3/Chiquita      4/funeral      5/West Ham United       6/B       7/soft and hard       8/Reese Witherspoon       9/C       10/Second World War      11/A      12/A      13/Miranda Hobbes (is a character from the series “Sex and the city”, the other characters are from the sitcom “Friends”)        14/Euro      15/Milou      16/Porsche      17/A       18/C        19/Hamlet (The tragedie of Hamlet, prince of Denmarke)      20/the Netherlands

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