Restaurant review: The Boulevard, Greensburg PA

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Me and my wife Evangelena love to travel and we share a passion for good food and drinks. In this article, we tell about our experiences at The Boulevard in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Each of us gives an own review, in which we pay attention to the food quality, prices, value, atmosphere, personnel and location. Every aspect receives a grade (0 to 5 stars). And finally, we tell you if we feel this restaurant is worth another visit.

Contact details restaurant The Boulevard
Address: 900 Towne Square Dr, Greensburg, PA
Phone: (724-)420-5955


Food ****
I had one of the pricier items on the menu: crab cakes with a baked potato. I ordered a cup of clam chowder soup in addition to my meal, which was excellent. The meal overall was well-prepared and tasted good. Also, they had an excellent selection of draft beers.

Prices ***
The menu did consist of a wide range of prices, both for foods and for drinks. Appetizer prices were very reasonable, as were the prices for the beers.

Value **
I only got one side choice where it’s customary to receive two side choices. Furthermore, my crab cakes and my baked potato were rather small.

Atmosphere ***
The atmosphere was pleasant, but far from distinct or exciting.

Personnel *****
The wait staff rocked! It is the superior wait staff that brings life to this restaurant. We had a large group of almost 20 people and all orders were correct and delivered with a smile. The wait staff’s high energy level made the evening more fun.

Location ***
Right of of Route 30, easy to find. They could use more parking spaces though.

Worth another visit?
Yes. The excellent staff and service would draw me back, although the next time I will most likely order a less expensive menu item like one of their burgers.


Food ***/****
Being a big fan of peanut sauce, I got excited when I saw boneless chicken with peanut sauce on the menu. Unfortunately, the peanut sauce didn’t taste like peanut sauce at all. I will say though that the taste of this appetizer certainly wasn’t bad. I had chosen the blackened tilapia with rice pilav on the side. Again: pretty good taste, yet not really what I was expecting. Yes, the tilapia was blackened, but this was more so caused by the burned crust rather than the black spices as was stated on the menu. The rice tasted fine, but was very plain.

Prices **
I was not happy about the prices. Granted, there were cheap choices on the menu, but those were your very standard kind of burger and fries-menus which one can also get at a local Burger King for way better prices. Quite disappointing.

Value **
Unfortunately, I have to give yet another low grade here. The portion sizes were very small and after I got back home, I got kind of hungry again after a while. I don’t mind high prices when the portion sizes are bigger, but this was definitely not the case at this restaurant. 

Atmosphere ***
By giving 3 stars for the atmosphere in this place, I gave a merciful grade. There wasn’t anything wrong with the room we were seated in, but there wasn’t anything right with it either. Other than a lantern attached to the wall, the room made an extremely sober impression. If you plan on going to this place, you better make sure you have good company since you will need it to make the atmosphere here worthwhile.

Personnel *****
The waiting staff was by far the best aspect of this restaurant. Polite, friendly, correct orders for everybody at our table and even joining our conversation towards the end of the evening instead of trying to get rid of us… Everything was there for me to happily give 5 very well earned stars.

Location ***
It’s very easy to get to the Boulevard since it’s located right next to Route 30. However, once you’re there, the major part of your drive starts since you will need to do a lot of driving around to find a parking space. 

Worth another visit?
I’m hesitating here. On one hand, I tend to say yes because of the absolutely superior waiting staff. On the other hand, the prices were outrageously high for the small portions of food I got that wasn’t even fantastic. With a sincere apology to the waiting staff, I’m going to say ‘no’ here. Me being hungry after getting home again while we have paid a lot to fill my stomach is a really bad thing. 

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If I ever end up in Pennsylvania ... I will certainly use your restaurant reviews. It's a shame that good staff can't satisfy your hunger :-)
Well, i liked the reviews and wonder if the 2 of you will visit Idaho one time. I've been there and don't know the name of the restaurant anymore, but it was in Twin Fall and it was a superb restaurant ... uhhh 18 years ago -)