Restaurant review: Smokey Bones, Greensburg PA

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Me and my wife Evangelena love to travel and we share a passion for good food and drinks. In this article, we tell about our experiences at Smokey Bones in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Each of us gives an own review, in which we pay attention to the food quality, prices, value, atmosphere, personnel and location. Every aspect receives a grade (0 to 5 stars). And finally, we tell you if we feel this restaurant is worth another visit.


Contact details restaurant Smokey Bones
Address: 100 Power Line Dr, Greensburg, PA
Phone: (724-)834-4871



Food ***
The food quality was adequate. Have I had better? Yes. Have I had worse? Yes. The presentation was decent. My baked potato was kind of small and the beans in barbecue sauce I ordered as a side dish were nothing special. It tasted like canned beans in commercial barbecue sauce. I thought that a restaurant that specializes in barbecue would have the highest quality of barbecued items including ribs. In truth, I found the taste and the quality of these items average. I have had better ribs at other restaurants that don't even specialize in them and my beef brisket was dry.

Prices ****
I feel that the prices for the foods on the menu were great. There were main courses for 8 to 9 dollars available up to 25 dollars. I liked the combination I got, because it allowed me to individualize it.

Value ***/****
You do get a decent amount of food for the amount of money you pay. The portion size was decent for a reasonable price.

Atmosphere ***
It felt scattered. It was going in too many directions. I enjoyed the esthetics of all wood and the lodge kind of feel. I liked the space; the way the tables were set didn't make it feel crowded. But that more relaxed kind of lodge feeling was ruined by large flat screen tv's blaring music videos and other ones with sports. I would even have preferred one or the other instead of the loud racket of them competing with each other. I felt that the waitresses' attire was inappropriate for a restaurant trying to attract families. The waitresses looked more like they should be working at Hooters.

Personnel **
Out of everything, I gave the service of the restaurant the lowest score. They didn't tell us there were no unlimited refills on certain soft drinks and charged us for all refills on ginger ale. A discount coupon which we handed to our waitress was not taken of the bill and half way through my meal, she began asking us if we saved room for dessert. It made me feel like I was being rushed. I will say that the manager apologized and corrected the mistakes made on the check.

Location ****
Great location. There is ample parking space and it's super easy to find since it's located right next to route 30.

Worth another visit?
No. It was just okay. I didn't love anything. There was no aspect of the experience that would drive me to return again.



Food ***
Evey and I shared a portion of pretzels for our appetizer. I could eat them, but with that everything was said. They had a 'shallow' flavor to them. Afterwards I was hoping that my main course would be better, but this turned out not entirely to be the case. The pulled pork was alright, but the ribs - something I thought would be amazing at a place that specializes in them - were truly a disappointment. Lots of bone and the meat was rather dry. The sides I had, the smokey corn and the cinnamon apples, were good though, the latter in particular. Oh, and before I forget: don't go near the sauce bottles that have either a yellow or a blue lid, for I needed a napkin after tasting them...

Prices ***
Granted, you can eat here for not too much money if you would want to. Yet, overall the prices are not remarkably low. It's a rather average priced place.

Value ***
The portions you get here are somewhat on the small side. For example, our appetizer consisted of 4 pretzels only. However, the prices we paid suited the quantities. 

Atmosphere **/***
I was not overly thrilled with the atmosphere. It just seemed to me that this Smokey Bones wasn't sure what way to go and it showed. Was it going to be a family restaurant (which they supposedly try to aim for), a country-style restaurant, a sports bar or perhaps more something like Hooters, given the high cleavage content among the waitresses and the suggestive art pieces on the wall? The mixture of everything worked out poorly.

Personnel **
Just like Evey, personnel scored the lowest in my opinion as well. Maybe we just had the wrong waitress, but my goodness... It was one (big) mistake after another like my wife already pointed out. The manager however took proper care of our issues.

Location ****
The most positive aspect of this Smokey Bones from my point of view. Right next to route 30 and ample parking space. 

Worth another visit?
No. I don't regret that I tried it out, but I've dined at restaurants that beat this Smokey Bones on many levels.

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Jezus Mina Victor, ben dyslecticus hoor! ;) Ben gelijk duizelig!
Well so much for Smokey bones..