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Protect yourselves, and others, from agents and trolls working against activists and active movements on the following:

  • Mind manipulation and emotional targeting
  • Attempts to discredit an important info, or people
  • Group control and its dismantling processes
  • Postings of distorted stories, sick images, and other nuisance
  • Attempts to delay dates of events, or sabotage them
  • Attempts to divide like-minded and set them against each other

Have exposed many of them myself and often even not in their own gangs they can manage to hold on for long and fail miserably, if pushed hard enough.. Do screenshots, or quote their messages when replying!.. The whole group pages or just stories/posts disappear after exposure and they start it all over again with different names..

Don't be afraid of those miserable clowns! Stay strong and don't get emotionally involved; kick their evil-minded ass.. Expose them, release any negative emotions attached to the clash, feel good and move on

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  4. Share further on and even copy-paste this description if you like!..

They are cracking and crumbling.. Keep pushing! Namaste, sisters and brothers!
Oneness . Love . Peace . Well-Being

Learn how to recognise and expose the troll. Quoted article:


I would add to this training material that dedicated activists should always try to turn the tables on trolls and government / corporate disinformation agents to convert or turn their attempts from a potential negative or divisive tactic to our advantage that creates more solidarity and unity within our movement.

This can easily be accomplished by continually stressing the observation that what they are doing IS divisive and that true patriotic reformers / movement members would NOT use such tactics, but would rather seek positive, productive, creative and constructive ways to build effectiveness, solidarity and unity within the movement.

Limit the exchange to a minimum, use factual support info & links, request that group members; "DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS" (In other words, ignore them and don't give them more fodder for their annoying propaganda), and If necessary, use troll images & ban them from the group. Then make the necessary unity points with comments at the end of the exchange.
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Share for victory...

Fed fishing is the art of seeking out government agents who work the internet with a specific job remit that once we understand and understand the techniques they use to carry out this job can no longer operate effectively. In this part of the training manual we will discuss the tricks that they use as well as some tricks we can use to dis-empower them. It is known that the number of gov. agents working social networking sites is in the high tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands. The purpose of fed fishing is to wake other people up to the work of embedded agents on the internet and within activist movements so that they have to throw their manual out of the window. Many of the techniques described here are also used to manipulate real world activist groups.

The Feds who work the internet use a specific set of psychological techniques against individuals which works very effectively on groups. Here we will look at these techniques so you will learn to spot them and gradually or straight away will reveal agents working groups. Feds routinely work themselves into positions of respect and authority and will as a rule go after admin roles, control of decision making, money etc. Often they will delete a group when discovered, they are also known to delete productive members from groups and delete posts and comments.

Lets first explore their job remit. These embedded agents have a job description. This includes: to debunk classified information, to attack the productivity of groups as a whole, to identify and force out productive individuals, to get information they can use to prosecute, to stop any effective organising or productive use of the group, to divide and conquer, to take control of the group, to seek admin roles within the group, to establish influence of personality in the group, to spread disinformation, to distract and divert attention away from the truth etc. They will also establish groups for this purpose to channel people into positions where they think they are in trusted company in an effort to entrap the individuals into prosecutable areas. A technique rolled out across the board is to establish a group with a "name" suggesting a purpose which channels supporters of that intention into the group which has the opposite purpose for the reason of dividing and conquering and identifying supporters.
1 - Setting the hook - To do this you need to post information that is on the debunk list, this is something that the powers that be are trying to keep out of the public awareness like ultra classified projects. There has been a sustained campaign to separate truth from activism which is done to put activist into areas where they can be manipulated and turned into controlled opposition. So, you need a good hook. You can either start straight away with something ultra top secret which is presented by a credible source or sometimes what I do is start with a source that is easily debunked but then follow up with the same information presented from a credible source to set up the catch. This is to dis-empower many of the tactics that are used.

2 - Setting up the catch - So, you need a good hook. A good hook would be something ultra top secret or something which points evidence at an individual who is being protected for their involvement such as a world leader. This will, often without fail, hook a fish, but you still need to make the catch. You can either start with information which is presented by a credible source or sometimes what I do is start with a source that is easily debunked but then, once you get a bite, follow up with the same information presented from a credible source to set up the catch. This is to dis-empower many of the tactics that are used and also, once they know you are doing it they become very clever about it so you need to be clever as well.

3 - Reeling in the Fish - Once you have presented the hook it is likely you will immediately witness a sequence of events as the fish tries to debunk the information. Once you become a seasoned fed fisher you will see the same techniques used over and over again, as if they are coming from a textbook. Lets look at these techniques.

4 - The will try and attack the credibility of the information. Often this is done at the same time as attacking the credibility of the poster. What they are trying to do is get as few people as possible to look at the information as well as to tie people up in the process of debunking and attacking the individual. They will say things like "it's just a you tube video this is proof of nothing", "can you provide any referenced source of this information" things of this nature. Even when you are posting video of, one example, the history editor of the executive intelligence review speaking at the executive intelligence review about Barack Obama and his involvement in the genocide programme Agenda 21, they will say, "it's just some guy in a Youtube video".

5 - They will try to attack the credibility of the poster. Queue the tin foil hat reference. There has been a sustained campaign for many years to separate the truth from activism. The last thing they want is educated activists who are focused on the root of the problem instead of the latest misdirection and distraction offering of the opponent. There will be an effort to destroy your credibility with other people interacting with the post. Remember, on the internet help is only a click away, so if you are any good you will be worked by more than one fed. This is a good opportunity to expose more than one fed at the same time, and we get points. They will say things like "here comes the tin foil hat brigade", "have you been taking your medication", "you need help" etc. Remember there a file on you and they will have access to it. The truth is pretty out there and the powers that be have worked for millennial to separate us so far from the truth that it sounds like insanity to most. As well as this they have been putting disinformation out there as well, the whole purpose is to put people into boxes and to set one group of people against another to divide us and distract us from the actual matter at hand. Expect references to aliens and shape shifting lizards and other crazy way out there stuff they expect you to bite on to make it easier for them to attack your credibility.

6 - They will try to single you out to make you the focus of the thread and not the information. This will be done using all of the techniques described to try and turn people against you and away from the information being presented. They will highlight your grammar and your spelling, say things like "Oh look, its the leader", "what have you done for the movement", "can you provide proof of what you have done", they will mock you, of course it is important to check your ego, they are fishing as well, trying to get you to admit to something they can prosecute for. They will try and make out that you are not part of the group to turn the group against you saying things like "no one has heard of you" or say that other people speak badly about you. They may go as far as to accuse you of being the fed, that it is you that is causing the division and things of this nature. Of course the reality that tens of thousands of embedded government agents are working against us should make people a little untrustworthy but better than not to be aware. Activists with no knowledge of these agents operating are as dangerous as the enemy. I suggest routinely trusting no one and analysing every interaction, every encounter you will quickly begin to see something does not add up when it doesn't. This subject is covered more in the next training note, titled "Extreme Cluedo".

7 - The subtle manipulation of activist groups on social networks. This is something that you will become very aware of over time. As soon as you post something of ultra top secret nature in group they will quietly start work to make it disappear. I have come across this process, you will often see immediately someone post straight after you and then go down the wall interacting with other threads to make the important information disappear so far down the wall it gets no interaction. This only becomes apparent if you refresh the page. Do the same back, bump important posts to the top of the group, seriously peeps, if we all work together to keep the important stuff at the top we win the game. Once interaction takes hold its there until its been debunked, that's where these other techniques come into play. You will often see the same name popping up time and time again.

8 - The overt manipulation of activist groups on social networks. This is something I saw destroy thousands of productive groups. The embed will post something of a highly controversial nature, something that will generate a shock effect, something that will get a high rate of interaction. The purpose of this is so that people visiting the group are immediately presented with this thread instead of the important information. They will start multiple threads of this nature and engage in a process I call "flaming", which is to incite others in the group to interact with the threads and divert their attention from the important information. Often they will start an argument, you might see two feds fighting each other and creating a massive distraction as the important information disappears and everyone watches the two feds fighting each other like its the latest x factor episode.

9 - The use of shock psychology. Shock psychology is absolutely devastating and something I have seen deployed so many times in online groups and in physical meetings. An example of this I see more and more lately is the use of obscene pornography and often totally vile images beyond anything you have ever seen. The purpose of this is to leave a scar in your mind associated with the particular group, sometimes this is there for days, weeks even years. This is to gradually to erode support and membership numbers, to attack the credibility of the group and to stop new followers from becoming engaged in the targeted group. If you point this out, you will come under attack.

10 - They will "like" this. Embeds are invariably working in numbers and help is only a click away. Expect that the techniques described here will be liked, often immediately by others either who have been hypnotised into the process or who are working with the embeds. Your comments will be shot down and others will like this. All this is going on while they profile you and other supporters who will also be targeted by these techniques.

11 - They will maintain scripted versions of history. The way the powers that be have operated for as long as to debunk classified information that has leaked into the public realm is to run campaigns of disinformation and of course they have their own "experts" and work collectively on, what I call, "the debunk campaign". They produce conflicting and contrary information as well as different versions of the truth with varying degrees of disinformation with the purpose of putting people into boxes even with the fore-thinking of later using the techniques described here to attack individuals that have not bought the shit story and to use people in one box against people in another box.

12 - They will go on the attack. This is done either overtly by using all of these techniques which you will see time and time again deployed in sequence to divide the group and to fire people at the targeted individuals. Remember, the embedded agent is also trying to protect himself and so will try to get others to do the fighting for them where possible. This can be done covertly by creating secret groups into which they invite supporters in an effort to turn them against the targeted individual or by privately contacting supporters to turn them into weapons against the targeted individual. Remember they have case files on all of us and are trained in psychological manipulation so they know which individuals are most susceptible to their manipulation. As an example, someone who dislikes a subject would be singled out as a weapon to use against someone talking about the subject in question.
Once you are aware of these techniques and you start to practice Fed Fishing you will see them so often that it becomes obvious you are being targeted by textbook techniques. Individuals will start to stand out, the same names will crop up again and again. Begin an investigation of the individual, look at their profile, their photos, their activity, what they post, what they like, what groups they are in, watch their behavioural patterns. It is known that embeds call themselves "supporters" when in fact they are doing the exact opposite and you will be able to make a judgement based on the activity they are involved in simply by observing what they do it becomes totally obvious who they are.

Remember to take screenshots of the interaction or any evidence you can get. Congratulations you have caught a fish. 1 point per fish, I'll see you in the game. Be aware, you are now on their list also. We will discuss more about dis-empowering these techniques in the next party of the Reoccupy24 training manual "Extreme Cluedo".

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The phenomenon of psychological harassment or warfare can also leave the victims in doubt or
confused as to what is going on or what is the intention or purpose of these psychological
manipulations, psychological attacks, and events in question are for.
Are the intentions in some way benevolent for training purposes or self improvement.
It can also leave the victim unaware that a psychological war is being waged on them
and the doubt, confusion, and deception can result in preventing the victims from taking
action or fighting back.

• It's a test.
• It's training.
• It's to make you stronger or tougher.
• It's an initiation or rite of passage.

Beneficial Intentions: The Failure Strategy

When a group with psychological warfare expertise targets a victim and tries to create situations,
street theatre, scenarios, or events with the intention of embarrassing, humiliating, threaten,
anger, induce fear, or other harmful effects they need a strategy to deal with the failure or
failures if the events in question do not produce the desired outcome or result.

A failure of a group who tries to intentionally attack or humiliate a victim builds confidence
in the victim for overcoming this challenge or properly dealing with the event in question, so
there is a need to have a strategy or tactic to eliminate or reduce the confidence building
phenomenon that results as much as possible.
One of the ways this is done is by trying to make the victim believe the false view on reality
or interpretation that it was a test, a training situation, and that there was or may have been
some kind of benevolent intention in this kind of actions or scenario.

Beneficial Intentions: The Never Ending Test

One example for this strategy or tactic is to interpret the events as a test, the result is that
the victim feels he is on a never ending test since these situations, events, and attacks are
usually repetitive in this kind of on going psychological harassment or psychological war.
Many of these tactics can also be considered to be psychological torture or used for
psychological torture.
I don't take credit for this one. Purely for educational purposes. Feel free to share it!
Very interesting to read, good written English article! Well done.