I AM Everything (Engels Gedicht)

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I am the prophet,
I am the inspiration,
I am the love,18e4c1483a05681411162eb75c0d70d8_medium.
I am the creation,
I am the wisdom,
I am the relation,
I am the divinity,
I am the sensation,
I am a gift of Mother Nature
I am my own best creation,
I am an entire live of Sensation,

I am unique in every second
minute and hour,
I will eventually
show my true power ,
I am a fighter
with spirit like fire,
I am the creation of good,
I am never to hire

I am the wind,
I am the sun,
I am the sadness,
I am the fun,
I am the superintendent,
I am the spy
I am the one

I am the good that reflects evil,
What i can do would be in your eyes

I am all knowing,
I am not to betray,
I am time,
i can press stop or play,

I am myself,
I am the spiritualist,
I am him you and her,
I am the mist
I am the equal,
that visionĀ  has not fade,
I am the one who decides
how everything is made,

I am ....

I am based on a feeling,
I am based on hope with Healing,

I am the world,
I am the universe,
I am the one who caused the big bang.
I am me just cause i can,

I am an everlasting knowledge,
I am here and in between,
I am everything,.
I am my own king and queen.

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Heel mooi ...
waanzinnig goed gedicht ...
dankjewel :D
Een mooi gedicht geschreven zeker een DUIM waard.
Pork geeft hem.
DRIMPELS zijn als dromen in het water.