Lying in my bed

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   Refr.:                                              I'm lying in my bed

                                My eyes are wet

                                I'm only thinking of you

                                'cause it's all that I can do


Empty is my heart

Yes, life is very hard

but I'll know that I can

'cause now I'm the artist and you're the fan


-I love you-that's my mess

Here you got my adress

For this is just 'love' the word

I hope you will go accord


                I just love your hair

                and I meet you everywhere

                everywhere in my dream

                You're not my coffee, you're the cream


                I hope you will agree

                The perfect love are you and me

                You ask me; "What's the matter?"

                Just wanna be together


I do love you a lot

make me feel hot

What's a better thing as love

I'm trying but I can't think of


                                                I think with writing I can't stop

                                                although you will stay asking me:

                                                Wha­t's up?'

                                                and if you think I really can't

                                                then here's for you a surprising end.


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