Hotkeys in League of Legends

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Hotkeys are keyscombinations you can use in a match, they give you quick access to certain aspects in the game. Below here is a list where you can see what a hotkey does in the game. Only works for QWERTY keyboards:

  • Q: Use 1st ability of your champion.
  • W: Use 2nd ability of your champion.
  • E: Use 3rd ability of your champion.
  • R: Use ultimate ability of your champion.
  • Ctrl + Q/W/E/R: Add an ability point to the ability of your choice. Only if you can upgrade the choosen ability at that moment.
  • Alt + Q/W/E/R and Q/W/E/R + F1: Cast ability on your own champion. Must be a support spell that you can cast on yourself.
  • Shift + Q/W/E/R: Smart cast choosen ability of your champion.
  • A/X/Shift+right click: Attack Move
  • Alt+right click: Command the pet of your champion, if possible.
  • S: Champion stops current action.
  • H: H is like S, but is toggled if held down.
  • D: Cast 1st Summoner spell.
  • F: Cast 2nd Summoner spell.
  • Numbers 1 to 3 and 5 to 7: Use consumable Item in corresponding inventory slot or use designated Active Ability Items.
  • 4: Use Trinket.
  • B: Recall.
  • Esc: Close the current window, for example the shop.
  • M: Open Map.
  • C: Open champion statistics page.
  • G: Toggle alert ping cursor.
  • Y: Lock camera on champion.
  • Spacebar: Center camera on champion, holding Space will hold the camera on the champion until released.
  • O: Open leaderboard.
  • Tab: Open leaderboard, unlike O, the screen will disappear when the Tab button is released.
  • V: Toggle retreat ping cursor. Left click with this hotkey on an allied champion will show an alert telling that champion to fall back.
  • Ctrl + L: Cycle through minion health bar views.
  • Shift + L:Turn off champion health bars.
  • Shift + K: Turn off names of summoners above the champion health bars.
  • P: Open shop.
  • Arrow keys: Scroll camera.
  • Alt + left click: Ping location.
  • Ctrl + left click: Retreat Ping location.
  • F2 to F5: Move camera to corresponding ally champion (camera must be unlocked).
  • F12: Take a screenshot.
  • Enter: Create chat cursor.
  • Shift + Enter: Open chat with /all already written.
  • Ctrl + F:Toggle the numeric frames-per-second and latency display.
  • Z: Open chat history.
  • ~: You can only select champions when using champion abilities or summoner spells.


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