When does the sale start?

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All dates of sale periods: summer sale, winter sale, Christmas sale, Boxing day, back to school, mid season,  Black Friday and end of season sale.



What are sales periods?

Buying clothes and shoes can be very expensive. Especially when you want to follow latest fashion. Many fashionista wait till the moment the sales start. A sales period is a period when clothes, shoes and other fashion are being sold for less money. There can be more than one sales periods during the year. The reason there are sales is because stores change the collection several times during the year. There is a winter collection, a summer collection, etc. Sometimes stores even have a spring collection and an autumn collection. And the collections change every year; the summer collection of 2013 isn’t the same as the summer collections of 2014, 2015, 2016, etcetera. Ofcourse the purpose of a retailer is to sell their articles with a profit. But because the collection in stores change rapidly, stores must get rid of old collections. Customers don’t want to pay much for old collections, so stores must give discount.


Sales are big business

The term sales are a way of advertisement. Because customers see the opportunity to buy cheap clothes and shoes, the will go to the stores. Once in the store there is a possibility the costumers buy more articles than they really need. There is also a possibility they buy articles which don’t have discount. Stores who are having a sales period often already have the new collection and the old collection in store. Customers will buy old collection with discount but also the new collection without discount!


When are the sales periods?

There are many sales periods, for example summer sale, winter sale, spring sale, autumn sale, Black Friday sale and Christmas sales. The exact sales periods are different for every country (and usually every company). Sale periods in the USA aren't regulated as they are in some other countries (for example Italy, France and Belgium where they have official dates for sale periods). But there still are some very important dates. For example the Black Friday sale, which is the most important sales period in the USA. Black Friday is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season and takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November. Another important sale period are the back-to-school sales, which take place in the months August and September. In the winter there are the Winter sale, Boxing Day sale and 1st of January sale. At these sale periods stores sell for example Christmas articles and winter clothings with big discount. In general every store organizes 2x an end-of-season sale (June and July in Summer, December and January in Winter), and some stores organize 2x a mid-season-sale (spring and autumn).


Specific data sales starts


  • Summer sales / end of summer sales: June, July, August
  • Thanksgiving Day sale / pre-Christmas sale: day following Thanksgiving Day (Black Friday)
  • Winter sale: 26th December



  • Summer sale: June, July
  • Winter sale / Boxing Day sale: starts 26th/27th of December


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