This Angel came from hell

Angel of truth > Diepe stukken.

Insanity brought me here

Worlds strangled up in fright and pain

New times and dark pasts drove me insane

I'm Back again to show it all

Reveal the strength of knowing so

This angel came from a long way back

Nothing can stop this now

Feeling this way is a way i choose

Just for the winning not to lose

Nothing in this world will hold me back

This angel came from hell



08/01/2014 20:48

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08/01/2014 21:40
Duivels mooi...
08/01/2014 21:40
Duivels mooi...
08/01/2014 20:49
Mooie Rob
08/01/2014 20:51
;-) thanks you Fate.