What is it that you want?

It it is not me you love and if it is not love you seek Then what is it?

Black Crow

It was not the light of the moon that shone into her room, no, it was the light of a street lantern. And it was not a boy, who stood under her window. It was a crow which flew with a bow into her room, and landed on the end of her bed.

Rainy Day

The wind blew strings of my hair into my face. Rain started to pour down my face, washing away my tears.

Little 'Horror' Story

They came in the night. Two dark figueres, one with long blond hair and the other with dark short hair.They spoke to eachother in a language that was unknown to our world. It went something like 'Minne erre, srie tho apuremi'. The blonde one said something like that and the dark one nodded in response. Together they walked to a ...