Schrijfsel : Paralysed

A loud bang. She can hear the glass breaking. A heavy pressure on her chest. Adrenaline rushing through her body. Pure fear. She can hear him shouting. A girl starts screaming. Bloodcurdling screams. Crying out for help. A voice filled with pain. Fear. She can’t move. Her own fear has paralysed her. Another loud bang. Somethin...

Schrijfsel : Summer Love

I read about a summer love, The falling for, The first and last kiss, The life within a life. I read about the pain, The fear, The knowing, The having to say goodbye. I hadn’t thought about it, Not for years, My own summer love, My own life within a life. I read about a future, Distant friends, No longer lovers, Words left uns...

Schrijfsel : Shame

Love. Nervous, Exciting. The secret looks, How you held my hand. How our mouths connected, Moonlight shining down on us. Fear and shame soon replacing love. Never to be spoken of again. Now just memories of the night before.

Schrijfsel : Never Enough

Even after all these years, she still can’t help but think about the girl. For a long time, she was convinced that the girl would be thinking about her too. How could she not? After what they had been through together. The girl must be thinking about her. The girl must remember. But it has been years. Years of not speaking. Ye...

Schrijfsel : Afraid

She is afraid. More afraid than she will ever admit to anyone. It cripples her. Makes her feel like she is drowning. A constant weight pulling her down. Holding her back. The fear is always there. It’s the pain in her chest. It’s the headaches. It’s the nightmares. It never ends. But she can never quite tell what it is tha...

Schrijfsel ; Now What?

Now what? Now we wait. We wait for it to swallow us whole. We wait for it to tear us apart. We wait for it to break us. We wait for it to make us feel like this is it. This is the end. Then what? Then we build ourselves back up again. We fight to get back to where we were. And because we know we have gotten through this once aga...

Schrijfsel ; Taken

They came for you in the darkest night All that was left was a beautiful ray of light If only I would know That you were about to go I would have never let you out of my sight

Schrijfsel : Painful

Powerful, that is how they see you A strong and brave person In a way I suppose you are Not in a million years would you show them the truth Fighting to keep up the façade Underneath it all lies nothing but sorrow Lies nothing but pain

Schrijfsel : The Darkness

As I watch the sun set, The sky turning darker, I can feel the darkness entering, It is coming over me, Like a veil covering my body, My mind and my soul.