Experience the thrill of anal sex for the first time

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While anal sex may not be for every couple, for the more adventurous, anal sex may be something you want to try to spice up your sex life. Anal sex can be something that you may have thought of, but haven't approached your partner about. Learning more about anal sex may help you get some ideas about how to talk to your partner and what you can do once you decide to go ahead and try it.

The anus is very sensitive and can be amazingly orgasmic for both men and women. Because of all the various nerve endings, sex can be very exciting for both people. However, if there is one tip to follow, it is to start by using lubricant, especially for the first time. You can find no amount of lubricant that will not only lubricate your penis, but also give you an erection on contact. For the woman in your life, have her try vaginal creams that will help lubricate her as well as achieve maximum orgasm.

You may want to start with some anal toys. The most commonly used anal sex toys are anal beads, anal plugs and vibrators of many different shapes and sizes. Anal beads are what they are implied to be. They are a long string of beads so that you can insert them into your anus and then slowly pull them out for maximum pleasure. Anal plugs can be inserted and left there during foreplay for intense sensation and enjoyment. Then you have probes and vibrators. They come in different sizes and work in different configurations.

Each person usually knows what they like and what they don't like. Before you propose any toys to your partner, you should know that you are going to learn how to do anal play in a safe way. Since the anus tilts toward the front of the body and then curves back, any toy you use should be strong enough to pull out and always have an expanding base so that nothing goes in and can't come out. The toy you use should be longer than 4 inches and have some flexibility so that there is no pain.



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