Funny Shayari in Hindi

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Shayaris are known to give a voice to one’s feelings and has one of the greatest healing power. The fact that it is difficult to express one’s deepest feelings through words has given birth to poetries or shayaris. Shayaris can be of different categories funny shayari, Pyar Ka Izhaar Shayari, romantic shayaris, friendship shayaris, sad shayaris etc. Shayaris are usually found either in Hindi or Urdu.

After a busy schedule, when you need to take a break, going through the shayaris are the best way to rejuvenate yourself and regain the lost strength and power. These help you to deal with many emotional situations and stress in life like pain, sorrow, solitude etc. Such situations can be best tackled with dardbhari shayari i.e. sad shayari. At times, when you are missing someone badly or some of your memories are haunting you constantly and you are not able to cope up with the situation, shayari is the only thing that helps in soothing your mind and soul. They take you to a different world and help you deal with your emotions.


परिंदो को मिलेगी मंज़िल एक दिन,
ये फैले हुए उनके पर बोलते है,
और वही लोग रहते है खामोश अक्सर,
ज़माने में जिनके हुनर बोलते है।


करीब इतना रहो कि रिश्तों में प्यार रहे,
दूर भी इतना रहो कि आने का इंतज़ार रहे,
रखो उम्मीद रिश्तों के दरमियान इतनी,
कि टूट जाएं उम्मीद मगर रिश्ते बरकरार रहें।

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