Trains From Brussels

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This page discloses how to go via train from Brussels to different urban areas in Europe, and how to purchase tickets the least expensive way. Train data is current for 2021. 

Station in Brussels 

Brussels Midi is the primary station in Brussels - it's Brussels Midi in French, Brussels Zuid in Flemish, and Brussels South station in English, it's in no way different spot. Except if in any case expressed all trains leave from that point, including Eurostar. Regular neighborhood trains cross the city, connecting Brussels Midi, Brussels Central and Brussels Nord. See Brussels Midi station data. 

Brussels Central is 5 min stroll from the popular Grande Place, most homegrown trains stop there, as do the hourly Brussels-Rotterdam-Amsterdam intercity trains (yet not Thalys fast trains). Brussels Nord is in the north of the city, served by numerous homegrown trains and some worldwide communicates on their approach to and from Brussels Midi. 

Brussels to Bruges, Ghent and different objections in Belgium... 

How prepares work in Belgium... 

Belgian homegrown trains work on a turn up, purchase a ticket and bounce on premise, with fixed-value tickets dependent on distance and no seat reservations important or even conceivable. You sit where you like. There's no compelling reason to pre-book and no cost advantage in doing as such, simply turn up, purchase a ticket at the station from the ticket office or self-administration machines and jump on the following train. That incorporates Belgian Railways Regional and InterCity (IC) trains. 

Standard tickets... 

Single direction homegrown tickets are legitimate on any Belgian Railways train on the date for which they are given. A full circle is double the cost of a single direction additionally substantial just on the date for which it is given, except if it's an end of the week return. Top of the line costs around half more than second class and simply gets you more pleasant seating, for the most part with more leg and breathing room and in certain trains cover as opposed to manufactured ground surface. 


You can visit in transit with typical Belgian train tickets, as long as it's at a station on the immediate course and you complete the excursion the very day. If all else fails, purchase two tickets. 

End of the week bring tickets back... 

On the off chance that you travel between 19:01 on Friday and the keep going train on Sunday, you can purchase a Weekend Return for minimal in excess of a single direction ticket. You can utilize it on any train outward and any train back over that end of the week. 

Senior tickets on the off chance that you've more than 65... 

Anybody matured 65 or over can purchase a €6.80 inferior or €14.40 top of the line Senior Ticket for any highlight point venture in Belgium, going on any train at ends of the week or any train after 09:00 on non-weekend days. It covers a single direction or same-day full circle between the stations you determine. It's accessible lasting through the year, however not legitimate most ends of the week in July and August, see for subtleties. 

Standard Multi 10-venture card (previously called Rail-Pass 10-venture card)... 

On the off chance that you intend to make various excursions around Belgium, you can purchase a card giving you 10 single direction travels anyplace in Belgium throughout the span of one year, for €83 second class or €128 in first class. That is €8.30 per venture! The card has 10 boxes imprinted on it, you write in the date and excursion each time you need to utilize it. Purchase at any staffed Belgian station or from ticket machines. Check current costs and comparative proposals at There are marked down costs in the event that you are under 26 years of age. 

Instructions to check times, costs and purchase tickets. 

You can check Belgian train times and tolls at You can purchase print-at-home tickets online to save time at the ticket office. 

Tips: The fundamental station in Brussels will be Brussels Midi which is Brussels Zuid in Flemish or Brussels South, it's in no way different spot. Brussels Central is closer the Grand Place and most Belgian homegrown trains call there regardless of whether worldwide trains (other than the IC trains to Amsterdam) don't. Recollect that Bruges in French is Brugge in Flemish. In Ghent, the fundamental station is Gent-sint-Pieters. 

Brussels to Bruges. 

InterCity (IC) trains run generally like clockwork from Brussels Midi to Bruges, toll €14.80 every way, purchase a ticket and bounce on. A Weekend return costs €15.80. Check times and current costs at You print your own ticket. 

Tip for movement to Bruges: You need the half-hourly Brussels-Bruges prepares direct through Ghent taking around 60 minutes. Don't coincidentally take a halting train to Bruges on the moderate course by means of Roesalere taking 2h16!

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