Who Are The Fata?

Door William598smith gepubliceerd op Saturday 16 January 15:42

Fata are always female, usually fey, can appear beautiful or ugly, young or old, and frequently come in trios. The similarities to hags and confusion with them is understandable, because of a secret too private for fata to even allude to and too dire for hags to ever admit: The two are related. Fata are the benevolent sisterhood to the sinister sorority of hags. The main difference is that where hags are evil, fata are good, fata being the fairy godmothers of legend.

Faces of Goodness

Age and youth, ugliness and beauty, poverty and prosperity, are less predictable, changing with the seasons, whims, fashion, and the vagaries of fey law and etiquette.  Fata can appear as ancient crones, kindly matrons, pretty or plain young maidens, haggard beldames, beggars or queens as it suits their designs, testing mortals to learn their true natures or teaching them to not judge a book by its cover.

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