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Are you curious to know more about Regionalexpress (REX),  Information about the train Regionalexpress (REX), tickets, and onboard services available? Well, The most effective method to book tickets for Regionalexpress (REX). Save A Train is here to help you with upated information, photographs and videos about the train. 

REX (Regional express) are semi quick local trains calling at less stations contrasted with normal provincial trains. They comprise of an assortment of current cooled various units or twofold deck carriages or more seasoned normal carriages. 

There are a few distinct sorts of trains. All are second class as it were. 

- Cityjet: electro numerous unit, most current trains; low-floor, cool, power attachments, furnished for people with diminished portability, bike stockpiling. Wifi on certain trains 

- Talent: electro different unit;low-floor, cool, outfitted for people with diminished portability, bike stockpiling 

- Desiro: diesel various unit; low-floor, cool, outfitted for people with diminished portability, bike stockpiling 

- City Shuttle: single-deck carriages; high-floor, no cool, bike stockpiling 

- City Shuttle/Wiesel: twofold deck carriages; low-floor, cool, furnished for people with diminished versatility, bike stockpiling 

Seat reservation is preposterous. 



Local Express (REX) Austria - Cheap Train Tickets - Book Now! 

Local Express (REX) Austria: Long distance associations in Austria 

Train tickets start from € 14 


Local trains on principle and auxiliary courses. Below average accessible, now and then additionally top notch. Bicycles are taken without reservation. REX-administrations stop at practically all the stations. 

Second Class 

Comfortable Seats 

In the REX in the Vienna zone each seat has an electrical plug and understanding light 

First Class 

Generally not accessible on REX trains 

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One of the most agreeable advantages in First Class is the seat-side food and drink administration. Get comfortable at your spot (which accompanies an open table or collapsible table) and locate a broad menu of Austrian claims to fame! Your server will take arranges and convey newly collected suppers from the on board kitchen. 

What goes better with the ideal view outside your window, than a glass of Grüner Veltliner, a couple of Austrian wieners, or a plate of sugar cleaned apricot dumplings? In case you're going toward the beginning of the day, an extensive rundown of breakfast alternatives are ideal to begin your day.

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To ensure that you grasp the cheapest train tickets in Austria, Save A Train have provided the following tips for you;
- Book as early as possibe
- Train tickets are available 6 to 3 months in advance
- Avoid booking trains running during rush hour

To summarize it, we can close by saying.... 

In Germany, Luxembourg and Austria, the Regional-Express (RE, or in Austria: REX) is a sort of local train. It is like a semi-quick train, with normal speed at around 70–90 km/h (maximum velocity frequently 160 km/h) as it calls at less stations than Regionalbahn or S-Bahn trains, yet stops more regularly than InterCity administrations.

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