How to Deal With Post-Grad Depression?

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So you just graduated from college and suddenly the twenty-four hours that never seemed enough are now empty and free of assignments. You are back home, your diet is returning to something that is not ramen noodles, and you feel refreshed.

But does the feeling last for long? After graduation, the following months seem like bliss, but as the days pass, you discover you have a lot of free time, and this prompts the feeling of being directionless.

Yes, post-graduation depression is a real thing, and many psychologists believe that it is not recognized enough. They compare it to post-partum depression (sadness after motherhood) because everyone expects you to be happy, but you feel ungrateful due to the constant distress.

Here are some ways to spend the days after graduation to cope with the stress.

Get Rid of Laziness

Not getting a job immediately after college can simulate thoughts like not “being good enough”. This can cause you to give up on life, and you may spend hours and hours sleeping or stress-eating. As a result, your focus might shift elsewhere, and laziness may take over. Therefore, it is important to convince yourself that this is a temporary phase. You can do tasks, like cleaning the room, organizing the desk and getting rid of the trash to feel productive.

Start Applying

College students start applying for internships and jobs like assignment writer while they are in school, but it is important to remember that everyone progresses at their own pace. Update your resume and keep trying. Do not be disheartened if you face rejection because it is all part of learning.

Cut down Social Media Time

Millennials have the highest rates of depression, and psychologists believe that social media contributes to these emotions. The stories and posts of your friends can give you a sense of hopelessness because it is easy to start believing that everyone has their life together. It is not like that. Don't compare your success to others since social websites do not reveal the struggles. Minimise the time you spend browsing through Facebook and Instagram to avoid feeling lost.

Talk to People

You might feel that you are the only one suffering, but it is actually the opposite. Most of your friends are in the same boat after graduation, so try and talk to them about your mental state to alleviate the stress. If they had similar courses in college, then try to figure out every step regarding applications with them.

Go Out

College rarely allows you time for yourself so now when your schedule is free, consider this a blessing and go out. Explore your town and take strolls down the streets. This would not just allow you to make new friends but also divert your mind from the negative thoughts.

Encountering depression after college, especially if you do not have a job in the respective disciple is common. But the good news is you can try to overcome it by dedicating your time to other meaningful things. It is a difficult time, but it is temporary and will pass sooner than you think!

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