Top Startup Ideas of ‘Uber for X’ Business Model That Will Increase Your Profit

Door Suvetha Sri gepubliceerd op Friday 30 October 13:00

Momentary upliftment is observed in the online business market due to the evolution of the internet-based platforms. Revolutions in technology, changes in customer preferences bring new startup launchers to the industry. Clear analysis of the current and the future online market brings an overview of positive signs for business launch.

With the several innovative ideas, the on-demand service applications like Uber, Netflix, Grubhub, etc are getting successful and this turns more number of players to be arriving in the market. Getting familiar and the expected profit are the two essential things to make the services as familiar in the market.

  • Annually, the average income value of the on-demand industry was observed as 57.6 bn USD and it attracts 22.4 million users every year. 

  • Research experts stated that the on-demand applications will generate a revenue of 869.95 bn USD in 2022. 

Generally, Uber apps launched for taxi-booking purposes and this acts as the digital interface between the drivers and riders. The success observed in the Uber based platforms turns the new launch of Uber for X solutions to fulfill the needs in various industries like education, lifestyle, sports, home-services, professional services, etc.

Grouping of technicians related to the fields and proper management of them are the essential tasks to launch an attractive startup in the on-demand service booking industry. This blog is a useful one for those who look for startup ideas to launch their own startup easily.

Delivery Services

Even though the lockdown restrictions diluted in some regions, people still prefer online delivery applications rather than store-based purchases. Food, groceries, medicine, bottled water, etc are the most used items for the customer that turn the on-demand delivery business as familiar in the market.

By bringing all the top retailers and the suppliers into a single domain through the delivery application, getting closer to the customers and tracking their needs are easier than store-based purchases.

Professional Services

Either the home or corporate offices, the specific requirement for the professional services exists. Common professional services available are plumbing, house cleaning, beauty, tutor, PC repairs, tow trucks, movers, etc.

By showing online availability consistently, attention gathering from the customer is an instant one. If the technicians related to the service field are grouped under the common window, then the service coverage can be expanded.

Courier Services

One of the specific fields in logistics-related services is courier delivery. The use of the application is unbelievable where the metrics like live notifications and tracking make the customers and the service providers exchange their needs and the fulfillments clearly. Due to the app-based platforms, unfair price estimation was corrected.

Service booking is the recently evolved sector in the on-demand industry and many players show their interest to launch their own startup in this domain. Attractive business sectors listed in this blog will be helpful for the new startup launchers. 

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