2020 Adult Products Consumption Report 01

Door Sexrealdoll07 gepubliceerd op Sunday 27 September 11:05

The market and application range of sex toys&realistic sex dolls are beyond your imagination. Adult products do not have mature and standardized product evaluation dimensions like other products, or that these indicators are not required in most cases.

People's demand for "sexual" health has greatly increased. This category covers almost everyone, and due to age, education background and marital status, it has entered a breakthrough era in the subdivision field. From the perspective of brand concentration, the head effect is higher than average, but in the long tail market, the innovation trend is relatively consistent and the market is highly fragmented. E-commerce has significant advantages and strong penetration in this category, further attracting offline consumers to enter online; e-commerce with its ability to provide accurate information reduces the cost of information circulation and efficient information.

In addition, e-commerce has the ability to analyze and push big data, which can meet customer needs more accurately and more widely, opening up a new way for the entire industry. Girls between the ages of 85 and 95 pursue "quality of life", which is higher than that of other age groups; among men, the demand for functional drugs has increased significantly after the age of 35; the more well-educated people care about their partners’ feelings , The more you will protect yourself. Prompt more people to wake up to self-awareness, and the adult products industry and consumers are increasingly dependent on e-commerce.

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