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Popular Zenith Big Pilot

Door Jackzhang921 gepubliceerd op Friday 25 September 10:50

The Zenith Big Pilot was first launched in 2012. In the same year, Zenith introduced a flight watch with a size of 57.5 mm, using a pocket watch movement, which made a sensation. In 2013, Zenith launched a 48mm, small three-hand two-time flight watch using Elite movement. In 2015, Zenith launched a 45mm large three-hand flight watch with Elite movement, which is today's Zenith Big Pilot. The best Breitling Avenger replica watches at captainthewatch.co.

The Zenith Big Pilot currently on sale has a bronze shell, an old steel shell, and a black steel shell. There are multiple models, the most famous of which is the "Bronze Big Pilot". In my personal feelings, these three kinds of watch cases are very stylish and have a strong retro feel. Even this black steel version is different from ordinary PVD and DLC black-plated watches. The Zenith Big Pilot black steel has a blend of black and old steel shell silver, combining retro and cool.

The Zenith Big Pilot is 45mm in size, which is the larger in the name watch. Zenith Fly 45 mm, IWC Fly 46 mm, although the size of the two flight watches are similar, only 1 mm difference, but the wearing experience is different. The IWC is also my favorite watch, I have worn it for a long time (when I got the certificate with my wife, I was wearing the IWC Big Pilot). After IWC Big Pilot got started, I felt that the watch was really big. And Zenith Big Pilot, after getting started, I didn't feel much about it. The reason for this difference, I think the problem lies in the lugs. The lugs of the Zenith Big Pilot have a relatively large downward bending angle, and the actual experience will feel that the watch is not very large. The lugs of the IWC Big Pilot further lengthen the size of the watch. For people with small wrists, the Zenith Big Pilot is more friendly.

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