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If you have a Webroot retail card then you need to peel or scratch the back of the card to get the keycode. Most noteworthy this here is you need to scratch the place with key code very gently otherwise the keycode characters may get a scratch and then your installation will get jeopardy. Visit webroot.com/safe and choose the most suitable subscription plan. Download the Webroot setup file after signing up on www.webroot.com/safe.


How to Activate Webroot on Windows PC?

Once you have successfully performed download and installation procedures via webroot.com/safe, follow these instructions carefully to activate the subscription through the link www.webroot.com/safe.

  • Firstly, open the Webroot SecureAnywhere software on your device.
  • Then, hit the Gear shaped icon situated at the lowermost right-side panel just after the tab “My Accounts.”
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the product code into relevant fields. Do the same as per guidelines.
  • Next, tap on Activate to get the product activated.


How does Webroot Antivirus protect a computer?

Webroot protects your machines with its antivirus suite, while we use LabTech to monitor their status and remotely access them if needed. Thanks to the integration the two tools provide, we can work with them both at once. If Webroot detects an infection or a misconfigured setting, we receive an email alerting us of the needed action.

Some latest Features Related to The Webroot Antivirus

  • Browser Cleanup - Who needs unwanted toolbars and extensions slowing down their PC
  • Antivirus and anti-malware - Protect yourself against threats that don’t even exist yet.
  • Safe Zone Browser - Browse, bank, or shop — with extra protection from hackers and online ads.
  • Smart Scan - Give your PC the ultimate all-in-one scan, all in one go.
  • Cyber Capture- Captures emerging threats in real-time through the Trend Micro Threat Labs.


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