Do you want to clean the solid doll immediately after use?

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As more and more baby friends have entered our baby circle, there are many newcomers in the QQ group and the forum. Recently, some friends asked how to clean the baby and how to maintain it after using it. I thought about these questions for a moment. Everyone knows that whether it is a silicone or TPE physical doll, it is actually made by a simulation. Moreover, the body of the doll is made of solid materials, which has a certain waterproof performance. Compared with some other supplies, physical dolls are not as convenient and quick as people to clean, but they are not as difficult as imagined.
I suggest that the baby friends check the baby for any problems and defects as soon as possible after receiving the baby realistic sex doll, and clean the baby after no problem. Because after the merchant leaves the factory, in the process of transportation handover, it is inevitable that these little guys do not have bacteria. If it is not possible to clean it in time, it will be less hygienic during use at the beginning. Usually, the baby friends must clean him frequently when using the physical tpe sex doll, so as to be more hygienic.

No matter if we need to clean up the baby after using it, or if the baby is left for too long, the skin surface is stained with dust or stains, we need to clean the baby. So how to clean the physical doll? Take off the head first to avoid water staining the makeup of the face, then put a little shower gel and wipe it with a wet towel to clean it. The water can be cold or warm water.

If you have a bathtub at home, you can put the doll into the bathtub and wash it. It will be more convenient. Of course, you can also wash it with her-after washing, wipe the water with a towel and let it dry. After the surface of the baby's skin is dry, apply powder to the baby, so that the sister's skin will be smoother, more elastic and dustproof. If you find that there is a place that cannot be washed off, you can see if it is dyed. You can use color removal cream or cleansing oil to clean up. If it is other problems, you have no solution. You can contact the merchant who bought the doll and seek a solution from the merchant.

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