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Permanent Residency: Funding Option for Study Abroad in Canada

Door Raginisharma14 gepubliceerd op Tuesday 28 April 11:34

Canada is known for its quality of education and being the safest country for international students, thus making it a good study abroad destination. Students interested in obtaining permanent residency in Canada take up a course and fly down to Canada for higher studies. For international students to settle in Canada the immigration policies have recently made few changes to make it simpler. More than 400000 foreign students have enrolled in Canadian Universities and Educational Institutions from 2017 till date as per a record.


Education in Canada for international students is way cheaper as compared to other US and UK universities. It is relatively lower for a postgraduate program ranging from CA $ 14,000 to CA $ 22,000 per year. The standard cost of living in Canada sums up to CA $ 15,000 per year at the most which cover house rent, food expenses, transportation charges and other wee expenditures.

One of the easiest yet highly competitive way to cut down the cost of education is scholarships for international students in Canada

Most international students engage in paid internships to manage the expenses. from prospects of future employment, even if the employer is not paying, the academic credits and experience that received is valuable.

To the competitive and interested students an internship is the work opportunity provided by the employer. Based on the performance throughout the tenure, the interns are often offered job upon successful completion of internship program. The duration of internship should not be more than half of the degree course. So, if the master's course if of two years, internship tenure must not exceed one year while you're studying.

To be able to carry out an internship also called co-op, international students must have work permit and study permit as well. International students can apply online for work permit provided there is a letter from the institution stating work placement is necessary for successful degree certification.

The 'Mitacs Globalink Research Internship' program invites application from undergraduates from countries like Australia, Germany, India, UK, etc. It is a 12-week research-oriented internship program in the field of science, engineering, maths and others. Across Canada it has tied up with 35 universities to help international students gain work experience.

Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, etc are some of the cities popular among international students in terms of paid internships in Canada. In Ontario to Alberta the stipend during paid internship program varies between $ 37,050 to $ 48,750 respectively.

If there is a post study work permit, students can even stay and work temporarily in Canada. Those who get the permit can get a post study work visa up to 3 years.

So why not study in Canada right? You can go through our previous articles to understand how to study in Canada and get complete information.

For more details about the internships offered by universities of Canada, you can seek assistance through the free online counseling for study abroad . Before you apply for an internship program in Canada make sure, you have a valid study and work permit.

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