USA IPTV Servers to Cut the Cord or Ditch the Dish?

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IPTV is divided into different versions. On the one hand, it allows users to watch VOD (video on demand) services, on the other hand, IPTV is used to watch catch-up television, therefore to watch its programs on a delayed basis. Finally, it is possible to watch IPTV live, as it would be possible to do with regular television.

IPTV 66:

How to watch programs in IPTV 66? There are several solutions for watching programs with IPTV. These solutions are more or less simple, and all legal. These are physical objects that allow you to take advantage of your IPTV 66 subscription directly on your television. Watch internet TV with an Android TV internet box. (

Sapphire IPTV:

The simplest solution to benefit from Sapphire ITPV services on your television is the Android TV boxes. These are present in some internet box subscriptions. This is the case for some of the offers offered by Bouygues Telecom or by Free. It is also possible to buy an Android TV box, or an Sapphire IPTV box with a different OS, from a third party such as Nvidia, Xiaomi, Apple or Amazon. The prices of these boxes go from 50 to 200 €, which offers a wide range of prices, and features, to consumers. (

Abonnement IPTV:

An Android TV box is a decoder that has an Android architecture. Thus, the device can accommodate a large number of applications, and more particularly, applications intended for watching television. It can be additional bouquets of certain operators, but also third-party applications like Netflix, Molotov TV or Plex. enjoy IPTV with your smart TV. Google Chromecast: an interesting alternative to take advantage of IPTV. If consumers want the benefits of a connected TV without changing their monitor, they can still buy a Chromecast. For only around € 40, the customer can broadcast the content on their Chrome browser or Android smartphone directly on their television. Ideal for enjoying streaming on the big screen without spending too much. (

IPTV France:

Today, TVs also have a graphical interface for navigating between various functions. Smart TVs, connected to the Internet, allow you to download IPTV services and other types of applications. Generally, manufacturers each have their own dedicated operating system. LG, Samsung and Sony, to name only the main manufacturers, all have Smart-TV models. In terms of price, all ranges are concerned for connected TVs, from € 300 or € 400 to more than € 1,000 or € 2,000. Nowadays, more and more televisions integrate the Smart-TV functionalities, which make it possible to replace the contributions of the internet boxes under Android TV. (

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