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Important Considerations On Subtitling

Door Vanancaptioning gepubliceerd op Friday 21 February 11:19

Basically, there are primary reasons why subtitles have been incorporated on videos or movie films by subtitling companies like the Japanese subtitling services. First, subtitles assist majority of audience to enjoy foreign films by conversion from Japanese to English subtitling services. It could also be the other way around, the English to Japanese subtitling services. Japanese subtitling services, like other subtitling companies, also aims to help the audience to comprehend the foreign movies in their native language.


Subtitles is a tool for understanding thus, the process behind doing it by companies like the Japanese subtitling services is very meticulous. Since, subtitling, including online Japanese subtitling, is a type of audiovisual translation, it entails its own set of criteria and specifications. The primary requirement needed here is to have experienced linguists who are highly skillful in understanding the complicated process of translating programs of different genre. They should have the ability to maintain the real message of the original content on the added subtitles.


Subtitles creation

Creating subtitles by Japanese subtitling services is not just simply translating a script and encode it at the lower portion of the movie clip. Subtitling is a form of translation that requires limitations on time and space. These elements have direct effect on the final result of subtitling whether of the Japanese subtitling services or not.

All translators including those on the Japanese subtitling services must have to know the files that they will have to do. They should keep the meaning of the original source and effectively transmit the translated dialogue to the target language. More than that, the audios and the images present on the provided space and time being should be taken with much consideration.

The process of all subtitling companies including the Japanese subtitling services will have to continue on the next step. It has an editing stage where the translation should be edited in order to correspond with the parameters of subtitling. Proper positioning, timing, number of characters per line, and the speed restriction should all be considered.

Restrictions in subtitling

In all subtitling projects, it always entails with limitations regardless if it is Japanese subtitling services or not. The space provided only limits two subtitle lines per translation. The position of the subtitles is restricted at the lower part of the screen.

Up to 35 characters are allowed in each line of subtitles. These include symbols and spaces between texts. The total characters in two lines subtitles should be limited on 70 characters.

Moreover, subtitling companies even the Japanese subtitling services, incorporate time limitations on subtitling. The length of each subtitles are limited on a minimum duration of one second. And around six seconds duration is the maximum subtitles appearance on screen.

Viewer’s reading speed

To set the limitations for the subtitles characters and duration, subtitling companies including the Japanese subtitling services also consider the viewer’s reading speed. However, viewers have different speed of reading even with the same text characters. Thus, the estimated average reading speed is around three words per second.

Moreover, an average viewer has a requirement of four seconds in order to read two-liner subtitles. The total character content for that would be 70 characters or around 12 words. However, only few characters are being utilized if the time duration is short.


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