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Looking for a 24-hour translation?-All Time Translate

Door Blueberry gepubliceerd op Friday 24 January 08:14

In case you are opting for a 24-hour translation , All Time Translate, that is an ISO certified translation company, can give you high quality translated output. All Time Translate also assures their client that the output is close to perfection. Because of its 3-way fast process the greatest excellent quality translated output would never be compromised.


Furthermore, All Time Translate has a team of professional translators and customer support who assist clients with their needs for a 24-hour translation. Alongside with this, the client's information will be guaranteed due to the company's non-disclosure agreement policy. And, aside from that, there are other services that All Time Translate may provide such as transcription, subtitling, typing, and voice over services that clients may have engaged into.


Turnaround Time for 24 hour Translation Process

Most clients who are opting for the service of a translation companies first asked for the time it takes to deliver the translated document. In order for them to forecast the time frame, customers always inquire for average turnaround processing time. Whether it could be the same day translation services, 24-hour translation services or just a 1-hour translation, clients want to know the time that they could all do for this kind of process.

Sadly, there is no definite answer for this one. Predominating factors that greatly affect the turnaround time of the translation process are widely available. Moreover, that would generally depend on one job to another. With this, one can does not guarantee the exact 24-hour translation time would be the same with the other project for translation.

Factors that can affect a 24-hour translation


Numerous factors that have a general impact on translation services 24 hours are on-hand. Understanding these determinants may help you learn the things that you would expect once you opt for a translation services 24 hours

The Language and the 24 hour translation services

Our world is very diverse giving us different cultures that are unique from each other. The cultures in each side of the world and various languages ​​which can either be a basic one or could be more complex. Knowing this, subtlety should be expected, and this could be considered once you look forward for a 24-hour translation . Keep in mind that a language with a more complex structure requires a longer turnaround processing time.

The tone of both the source and the target document influence the same day translation services

Aside from the language, another cultural barrier for a 24-hour translation is the tone. For example, the American English language is accepted by broad range or audience using a casual tone. This is regardless of the position of the person that you are talking with.

In contrast with the Japanese language, for instance, it demands suitability among the various levels of professionalism. These two languages ​​would have variation on their turnaround time once they undergo a 24-hour translation. One would take longer hours than the other.

Words without direct counterparts would affect a 1-hour translation

Unfortunately, there are words or even phrases that do not have an equivalent in the target language. The languages ​​that miss equivalents on the English source are but not limited to the following: Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Translators of a fast document translation must know the method to find a way that transmit the message indirectly while keeping it accurate.

Unusual pairing of the languages ​​under the translation services 24 hours

Translators from English to French quick translation service are numerous. However, for other language translation such as the Polish to Chinese or vice versa, it is not an easy task to look for translators. With this, it may seem that translators for such uncommon languages ​​for translation might be so few. And having fewer translators in the field may lead to slower turnaround processing time.



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