Lost in Translation: French Translation Services to the Rescue

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George Clemenceau mentions “L'anglais, ce n'est que du français mal prononcé” - English is nothing but mispronounced French. One might derive a certain sense out of the statement but generally, it is nothing but an exaggeration. French, described as a romantic language, has lots of semantics, poetry, and the dreaded politeness system associated with it. As such, there is a level of difficulty associated with translating French to English (while the vice versa remains equally applicable).

Today we present to you where someone can get lost in translating French. We will also then reiterate how online French translation services can help you easily translate your documents, audios, and even books easily.


  • The dreaded politeness system: English is the only European language lacking a politeness system. While in French “Vous” is customary for strangers and “Tu” customary for intimacy, a “You” in English is reserved for everyone. This becomes a major headache for translators – especially from English to French (sometimes the other way around is equally applicable).


  • Colloquial expressions: We have all been to French restaurants and gotten overwhelmed with the menu. Do you know the French word for Codfish - its "Cabillaud", while Clam is “Palourde” These colloquial expressions reserved especially for animals, or insects are difficult for non-native speakers.


  • Semantics: …and slangs gets lost in translations. In English, the French idiom “La moutarde me” is translated to “Mustard me” by Google translate but it means I’m getting angry. Similarly, Only French people would realize how terribly non-French would translate “Osti de calice!” Also, while you are at it don’t go asking for preservatif in your local French jam shop.


  • While online automated translations can be used mainly for univocal terms, however, for literary or business-related translations, an automated translation gets you in trouble. We all have been witness to hilarious cases of automated translations going haywire.


  • Ensemble: Italians put it in the best way possible “traduttore, traditore” – (translator, traitor) (apparently it’s not always the French who coin the best phrases). However, an online translation service is your best bet. Online French translation services provide translations of great quality, with exceptional rates that too under given deadlines. Did we mention it’s as easy as a pie?


Whether you are searching for french to english translation service or translations of videos, or audios an online translation service has an answer for you. You just upload the files that you want to get translated. It is forwarded to the translator(s) and after translation proofread for optimum quality. The translated files are sent back to you.


Online translation services ensure confidentiality, transparency, quality, and lightning-fast translations. If you are having doubts in French to English translation services or English to French translation services; online translation services provide you the best possible solutions to translation-related queries.

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