How to Deal With Classes You Hate?

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Often during classes, time just stops, and an hour begins to feel like an entire decade. If you are a student, you must be familiar with this phenomena. The teacher continues to speak while you stare out the window, questioning your life choices and thinking how 60 minutes are just 15 minutes but four times. To many, this would sound confusing but sitting in a class that hates you as much as you hate, it can be torturous.

You had the option of opting out of it, but your counsellor or friends convinced you that it would not be “so bad”, and now you are stuck in this misery for 5 hours every week, the time you could have easily spent sleeping or working on another assignment. But there is not much that can be done at this stage except to equip yourself with hacks for dealing with the course.

Do Not Skip

This is the absolute worst of dealing with the problem. Not going to a class that you hate might sound appealing, but this can only add to your lack of understanding. Maybe the professor teaches something that might actually spark your interest so always ensure that no matter how intense the urge to skip is, you attend the class and note down lectures.

Pay Attention

Sometimes, students hate a particular class simply because they do not understand the lecture. Try to listen to what your professor is saying and ask questions, so the factor of zoning out is minimised. If you do not understand the concept, ask the teacher to explain it to you afterwards. You can also try telling them why you dislike the course, and they might actually make the sessions more interactive.

Make Friends

An excellent way to look forward to the class you hate is to make friends, so you have some motivation to attend it. If friends like the class, then that is a plus point. They can explain tricky bits to you and ensure that you attend the class no matter what. Also, talk to them during the class if you feel the subject matter is too bland but avoid causing disruption.

Utilise Other Means

Maybe you do not hate the course, you just don't understand the method your professor employs to teach. There are multiple ways of making a subject exciting, like listening to audiobooks, taking essay writing online or viewing lectures.

You can also connect the material to the course you like and find some motivation to get through the class. Try to make a study group because the interaction and different perspectives might help you dislike the class a little less.

It is Temporary

If nothing else works, find solace in the fact that it is just temporary. Remind yourself why you are enrolled in the class. Whether it is necessary for your field or has been made compulsory by your college, remember that this time shall soon pass and acing it with flying colours might add to your satisfaction. So, invest time in making it bearable for yourself.

Remember that this is all part of the learning process and life will throw more difficult challenges at you later on. So start with the course you despise and face the problem head-on!

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