The Best DELL OPTIPLEX 7020 MT POWER SUPPLY adapter of 2019

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If you want to buy cheap 290W PC power supply , choose it from It endeavors to provide the products that you want. Whatever DELL 290W PC power supply you want, can be easily bought here.

  • Brand : DELL
  • Alternate with the following models : 290W
  • Cell technology : GSB251
  • Capacity : 50Hz-60Hz 290W
  • Voltage : 100-127V ~ / 6A - 220V-240V ~ / 3A
  • Encoding : DEL17302_Se_1

Online Store:

Compatible models :

D290A001L HYV3H

Fits the Following Models :


Model: Power: 290W
Model: H290AM-00
Compatiebl DP/N: HYV3H
- P1 - 8 Pin Motherboard System Board Power Connector
- P2 - 4 Pin Motherboard System Board Power Connector

Compatible With: 
- Dell Optiplex 3020 Tower
- Dell Optiplex 7020 Tower
- Dell Optiplex 9020 Tower


Instructions for Use DELL 290W adapter:

1. the environment in which the computer is used should not be too humid. A damp environment can easily cause poor oxidation contact between various boards of the computer. Or there is the possibility of leakage, which causes a short circuit.

2.develop a good habit of turning off the power after turning off the computer. Prevent lightning strikes.

3. the environment using the computer can not overheat. In an overheated environment, the computer is more likely to cause poor heat dissipation in the host and cause a crash. Especially now the heat of the computer is so high.

4. do not use the computer for a long time in the summer, it is best to start the machine frequently to dispel the moisture. This is the same as TV. TV is not used for a long time, it is easy to absorb moisture, and it is harmful. The same is true for computers.

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