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Translation services are one of the most popular services both professionally and virtually. So many free tools and multiple updated software are getting innovated for meeting the daily requirements of the population.

The translation is the procedure of converting a file’s language from one (source) to another (target). This translation can be done only by language experts in the field to achieve greater accuracy.  Some of the common services include examples such as:

  • Resume translation
  • USCIS translation
  • Certificate translation
  • Notarized translation
  • Educational translation
  • Legal translation

From immigration and education to job opportunities and certification, every individual comes to request for a translation service at one point or another.


When it comes to the method of translating a file, there are 2 basic forms to it- manual and automated. If a person who is experienced and skilful to do a translation does the job, then it is a human or manual translation. on the other hand, if an online tool or software performs the work, then it is automated/machine translation.

If you would require Korean translation services that are not given much importance to quality (such as a personal transcript, reference transcripts), then you may opt for a free tool. The only advantage of getting a translation from an online machine is that you can do it for free. However, if you are trying to save money from an online tool, then you have to compromise over the resulting’s transcript quality and accuracy.

Online platforms are machine learning tools which requires years to develop appropriately. This technology cannot suit all our current demands from various professions and sources.

On the other hand, there are reputed service providers who are able to provide rates on translation services that are highly affordable. Also, there is no compromise on the quality, precision, and correctness of the result, as the process will be done by a language expert.

Additionally, if you would like to save on your translation delivery cost, then you can try browsing for ‘Translation services near me’ on search engines, to get agencies that are near your locality.


Whenever professional translation services process works for a legal or official process, be it certificate or immigrational files, then it is essential to get a ‘Certificate of Translation’. This is a formal paper signed by the authorized concern (translator), for assuring that the translation done was correct and accurate to their knowledge.

The certificate is issued by almost all the agencies who fall under the compliance of ATA. ATA stands for the American Translator’s Association. This is the recognized organization that puts forth all the guidelines to be followed while a translation is being processed.

Sometimes, Urdu translation services also provide an additional feature of a notarized translation. Notarized documents are signed and stamped for seals officially from a Notary public for verification purposes. This is mostly required by non-native immigrational students, requiring a certification and a notarization for their submission procedures. This totally depends upon the forwarded institute to request for a notarized certificate or not.

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