Replacement for HP AS03XL Laptop battery - 4050mAh11.1V - HP Laptop battery

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Our brand new 44.95Wh(11.1V, ) replacement HP AS03XL batteries are made with high quality cells ( HP, ACER, SAMSUNG etc.), lasting as long as the original battery did. All of our Li-ion replacement batteries for HP AS03XL have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original battery performance and 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications. Every piece of battery for HP AS03XL Laptop battery has been tested on HP systems to ensure the safety for your HP laptop.



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Twinhead R15D :
Replaces the following batteries: R15B_8750SCUD R15D_8750SCUD S15H9_8750
Capacity : 7.8Ah
Volt : 11.1V
Twinhead R15B :
Replaces the following batteries: R15B 8750 SCUD R15D 8750 SCUD
Capacity : 6600mah
Volt : 11.1V
Twinhead R15D :
Replaces the following batteries: R158017_SCUD  R14KT1_8750_SCUD  R15B8750_SCUD  R15D8750_SCUD  R148750_SCUD  23+050272+12  23+050272+11  23+050272+10  23+050221+11  23+050221+13  23+050221+00  R14KT1  63-040103-60
Capacity : 4400mAh
Volt : 11.1V
Replaces the following batteries: AS03XL HSTNN-IB7W 918340-1C1 918669-855 TPN-Q151
Capacity : 4050mAh
Volt : 11.1V
Lenovo 01AV493 :
Replaces the following batteries: 01AV493 00UR892 SB10L84121 SB10L84123 4ICP6/38/65
Capacity : 2080mAh
Volt : 15.4v
Replaces the following batteries: 924843-421 HSTNN-LB8C BF04XL BF04043XL
Capacity : 5685mAh
Volt : 7.7v
Toshiba PA5247U :
Replaces the following batteries: PA5212U-1BRS PA5247U-1BRS PA5265U-1BRS PABAS283 PABAS286 PABAS287
Capacity : 2800mAh
Volt : 14.8V
Dell VHR5P :
Replaces the following batteries: VHR5P XRHWG 0XRHWG RHF3V
Capacity :
Volt : 7.6V
Lenovo L17C4PE1 :
Replaces the following batteries: L17C4PE1 L17M4PE1 4ICP4/46/121
Capacity : 2735mAh
Volt : 15.36V
Fujitsu FPCBP325 :
Replaces the following batteries: CP293530-01 CP293550-01 CP470833-XX FMVNBP146 FMVNBP177 FMVNBP178 FMVNBP210 FMVNBP242 FPB0262 FPB0333S FPCBP145 FPCBP145AP FPCBP146 FPCBP203 FPCBP218 FPCBP219 FPCBP219AP FPCBP220 FPCBP220A FPCBP281 FPCBP281AP FPCBP282 FPCBP282AP FPCBP325 FPCBP325AP FPCBP519 PFPCBP238AP S26391-F795-L300 S26391-F956-L100 S26391-F956-L200FMVNBP198
Capacity : 6700mAh
Volt : 10.8V


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