Can Love Dolls Substitute Real Lovers? Try

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It has been a serious matter of debate over the past many years if love dolls can substitute for real lovers. The users do admit that it is possible because a love doll these days is more realistic than what it used to be when it first came in the market. Today, there are endless variants to select from, the life-sized love doll can also be customized with available options in hair, skin colour, penis or vagina length/depth increase or changed.

In short, sex dolls today offer more for sexual gratification that a lively human could give to his/her partner.

1. Variety: The dolls offer variety to their buyers. There are dolls available to be bought directly from store-shelves. While few manufacturers offer customization in the skin colours, hair type and colour, body type, eye colour, nail colour, breast firmness, penis firmness etc. There is a temperature control feature as well and also an AI edge availability; if a buyer wants such sophisticated dolls to enjoy.

2. Ethnicity: For people who crave to have sex with people of a specific ethnicity, such dolls can be found and bought. If someone wants Japanese sex dolls, he/she can buy one. These dolls quench the sexual thirst of users, without offending anyone. A blend of ethnicity can also be created, but that takes time and costs a fortune.

3. No Boundaries: There are no boundaries that a user can’t cross with sex dolls. Many manufacturers have started making Japanese love dolls in such a manner that they can withstand the rough sexual approach of a man. The anal cavity alongside the vaginal and oral cavity is built for the pure pleasure of a male user. Possibilities of sexual positions without hurting the joints and soaring the sexual organs increases manifold with sex dolls.

4. No Tantrums: The usual tantrums of relationships and dating rituals end when a person opts for the love dolls. These dolls do not demand anything, do not ask anything and never complain about anything. That is good for someone, who just wants to have sex without any strings attached or taking any responsibilities.

5. No STD/Pregnancy: There is no chance of an STD infection or pregnancy. A user has to take care of the hygiene part well and he/she can enjoy many months of sexual pleasure. This simple yet most worrisome aspect of having sex with a real person is never a matter of concern anymore.

Though, before buying a sex doll, it is important to do the research well and finances into place. The love dolls tend to be a bit expensive, but it can be a good investment towards a buyer’s sexual health.

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