ZTE li-ion battery pack LI3709T42P3H504047 replacement

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Max performance battery replacement - ZTE LI3709T42P3H504047 cellphone battery 900mAh/3.33WH 3.7V. LI3709T42P3H504047 smartphone batteries are compatible with battery charging ZTE U712 U990 UX990 phone. Shopping LI3709T42P3H504047 battery online, more discount and money-saving. Check your ZTE model before you order LI3709T42P3H504047 mobile phone battery service. Cost-effective battery replacement, please visit www.batteryclub.org for more information.

  • Brand : ZTE Battery
  • Type : Li-ion
  • Capacity : 900mAh/3.33WH
  • Volatge : 3.7V


LI3709T42P3H504047 Replaceable universal battery model:



Perfectly compatible with ZTE U712 U990 UX990 phone:

ZTE U712 U990 UX990
Charge limit voltage:4.2V



ZTE LI3709T42P3H504047 Mobile phone battery repair tips

1. Refrigerator freezing method. Wrap the battery in paper, then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it into the frozen layer for about 3 days. After taking it out, place it in a cool place and let it dry for two days. Try charging again.

Explanation: The process of using the mobile phone is a process of charging and discharging the battery, and the negative and positive charges in the battery collide with each other. The reason why it is more and more unreliable and troublesome is that at normal temperature, the kinetic energy of the electron is relatively large, the battery is in an active state, and the leakage is relatively frequent. When the battery is in a low temperature environment, the structure of the lithium film and the electrolyte on the surface does not change much, and the interface thereof changes significantly. The leakage current and the like are reduced, and the standby time is increased.


2. Rubber wipe method. Using a clean eraser to wipe the metal surface of the phone's battery and the phone can also improve the use.

Explanation: For a long time, the metal surface of the battery has a certain degree of oxidation, resulting in poor contact and short use time, while the rubber enamel can erase the oxide layer on the surface to make the contact better. This method is more suitable for situations where the problem is not very serious.


3. Recharge the activation method. Discharge the battery completely and recharge it again.

Detailed steps: Find two wires and connect a small 1.5-volt bulb. Connect the two ends of the wire to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. After connecting, the light bulb will emit some shimmer. Wait until the light bulb is completely extinguished and recharge. This can also be changed. Battery performance. But this method is not very effective, but it is still somewhat useful.

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