Replacement new LG BL-T18 tablet pc battery

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LG BL-T18 tablet battery is compatible with LG G PAD II PAD X 10.1 V930 V935. BL-T18 battery is 7400mAh /28.1Wh and 3.8v. This battery model of BL-T18 is 30% off(if YOU buy in bulk, discount more), max performance and secure quality. Your BL-T18 gets 1-year warranty-service and 30-days money-back guarantee at






Brand : Lg
Capacity : 7400mAh /28.1Wh
Voltage : 3.8V
Product color : Black
Chemisty : Li-ion
Replaceability with the following models:
product compatibility:
Charge limit voltage: 4.35V
For LG G PAD II PAD X 10.1 V930 V935
Package Content:
1 x BL-T18 Battery 
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How does the new tablet charge correctly for the first time?
1. Charge the battery for 2-3 hours after the first three times of full charge, then use it every time it is fully charged. Note: Do not charge the battery after it is completely exhausted, which will affect the battery life.
2. Do not use the tablet for a long time during the charging process. Please wait for the operation panel after charging is completed.

LG BL-T18 Tablet battery tips
1. Do not over discharge. When the device prompts “The battery is low”, it should be charged; until the device is automatically turned off, it will be charged, and the battery has been over-discharged. This can affect battery life.
2. Do not overcharge. When the charger is full, you should unplug the charger. Nowadays, the charger generally has a design that is full of self-stopping. It is no problem to remove the battery from the charger for a short time, but the battery is left on the charger for a long time, and the voltage of the grid rises late at night, the charger that has stopped charging. After the voltage rises, it will continue to charge, causing the battery to be overcharged. This can affect battery life.

What if the tablet does not charge?
1. First we have to make sure that the connection between the tablet and the charging device is connected.
2. We have to confirm the problem of the connection line, try to replace a connection line.
3. We confirm whether it is a problem with the power supply charging transformer, replace the power supply charging transformer.
4. We check whether it is caused by the software. After we back up the data, we will reset the tablet and ipad, restore and restore to the factory settings.
5. If all of the above are ok, we can only send it to see if it is a battery problem or a problem at other interfaces.


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