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Apple 616-0721 battery is compatible with iPhone 5S & 5C. 616-0721 battery is 1560mAh and 3.8v. This battery model of 616-0721 is 30% off(if YOU buy in bulk, discount more), max performance and secure quality. Your 616-0721 gets 1-year warranty-service and 30-days money-back guarantee at


Brand : Apple
Capacity : 1560mAh
Voltage : 3.8V
Product color : black
Chemisty : Li-ion

Replaceability with the following models:

product compatibility:

  • For Apple iPhone 5S & 5C

     Power: 3.8V --- 5.92Whr

    Free Gift: 5 Tools
    Package Include:
    1 x New 1560mAh Li-ion Internal Battery Replacement w/ Flex Cable For Apple iPhone 5S 5C
    1 x Suction Cup
    1 x Pry Tool
    2 x Screwdrivers (Cross & Pentacle Star Shape)

Why is the capacity of each iPhone battery so small?

1. Guarantee iPhone size and weight

Whether it's called the classic iPhone 4 or this generation of the iPhone 7 series, thin and light has always been a big selling point for iPhone products.

In addition, the larger battery capacity also represents the increase in the weight of the phone itself, and the weight of the phone is also one of the important factors affecting the grip of the phone. In order to ensure that the weight and thickness of the phone remain the same, the iPhone series has no way to increase the battery capacity.

2. Apple has confidence in their own software optimization

Although the battery capacity of Android phones has become larger and larger in recent years, there is a fact that we have to admit that Android devices still cannot open the gap with the iPhone.

In the final analysis, the optimization of the ios system is good! Compared with Android, iOS not only has a smoother experience, but also does a better job in power consumption control. In addition, Apple's A series also has an advantage in energy consumption. Therefore, the 2000mAh of the Apple mobile phone and the 3000mAh of the Android mobile phone are not much different.

3. Avoid increasing charging time

Apple's mobile phone is not fast charging, this is an old problem. Even the latest iPhone 7 series, in terms of charging, still only supports 5V/1A, which is the maximum 5W charging power. In the Android camp, devices using 5V/1A are not common even in thousands of mobile phones.

Imagine if the iPhone 7/7 Plus is equipped with a 4000mAh large-capacity battery. According to this power, even if it is charged for 4 hours, the iPhone will still be difficult to fully charge. Therefore, for Apple, not to use a large-capacity battery design, but also to expose their own slow charging.

4. Improve iPhone battery life

In addition, unlike most Android device users, iPhone users tend to have longer stand-alone life. Among the various components of mobile phones, the loss of batteries is undoubtedly the fastest.

As we all know, fast charging has a certain degree of impact on the life of mobile phone batteries. The iPhone has not yet adopted the design of large battery + fast charging, and it is likely to also bring longer equipment life to users.

Although the upgrade of the battery capacity of the iPhone has been relatively conservative, the addition of fast charging technology has become an inevitable trend in the future iPhone. After solving the charging problem, the iPhone with a large battery capacity is available. It should not be far away.


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