Scholarships for Masters in Australia

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There is some great piece of information for students applying for Master’s in Australia. Students with substantially good scores in their academic history can get two things: first, admissions in good Australian Universities and second, Scholarships for your education.

Australia has multiple scholarships to offer as it has an annual investment of the Australian Government for providing scholarships for international students in Australia. These scholarships can definitely boost your plans to study in Australia for your masters for sure.

1. Endeavor Postgraduate Leadership Award: These scholarships are awarded to students applying for Master’s and PhDs in any field of education in Australia.

  • This Scholarship is awarded by the Australian government, which is applicable to all the higher education institutes and universities of Australia.
  • The master’s students are awarded with financial funds for 2 years of course study.
  • This scholarship is awarded to various nationalities including Asians.
  • Apart from the tuition fees being paid, the students are also given a monthly stipend of $ 3000.
  • Students are also eligible for financial aid for travel allowance (in specific cases), Health Insurance for International Students (OHSC)

2. Australia Awards Scholarships: These awards are given by the Australian governments to merit students applying for bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in any of the registered academic institutes under this program.

  • These scholarships are specially awarded to students from the Indo-Pacific region.
  • These scholarships include financial awards that cover the full tuition fees, air travel cost, establishment allowances, expenses of living, the health insurance fees (OSHC), Introductory Academic Program, Pre-English course as well.

3. Adelaide Scholarships International: These scholarships are awarded by the University of Adelaide, for students applying for Master’s in Research study or Doctoral studies.

  • These are offered to all international students except New Zealand & Australia
  • This scholarship covers full tuition fees, annual living allowance and health insurance (OSHC)

4. Deakin Scholarships for International Students: This scholarship is awarded by the Deakin University for students applying at the university for bachelor’s and master’s degree.

  • This scholarship is offered to encourage extraordinary merit students to enhance the university values and its community.

5. International Merit Scholarships: Students applying to the University of South Australia can receive these financial awards.

  • The financial awards offered 25% of the tuition fees of the first academic year for the student.
  • These scholarships are applicable for bachelor’s and master’s under courses for business, education, arts and social sciences, health sciences, information technology, engineering and environment.
  • The scholarship is entitled automatically to students based on their applications and previous academic merit scores, wherein the students do not have to apply for it.

6. Global Leaders Scholarship under Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: This scholarship is awarded to students from India and apply to study in Australia.

  • This scholarship is offered for both bachelor's and master's degree courses.
  • Under this scholarship, students are awarded an amount of $ 5,000 to $ 20,000. The amount is declared at the time of admission applicable towards the tuition fees.

7. Macquarie University Tuition Fee Grants: These scholarships are awarded to Indian students applying for master's courses only.

  • For all the master's courses taught at Macquarie University the scholarships are applicable for excellent merit in academics of the students.
  • The scholarship amount is towards the tuition fees only.


8. Swinburne International Excellence Scholarships - Postgraduate Studies : This scholarship is offered for the students applying for masters at Swinburne University.

  • There are various other scholarships offered at different academic levels too.
  • These scholarships are applicable for master's courses of 2 years.
  • The financial award is applicable 10% to 25% of the course fees each year.
  • With better scores in the first year, the financial award for the second year may increase.
  • Students do not need to apply separately, there is an automated consideration of students applying to study in the university. 

For more options for admissions and eligible scholarships, students can take assistance from abroad study consultants in Nagpur as well as other parts of the country.

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