Claim up to 100.000 (BTC) bitcoincash sathoshi's every hour !

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Earning money via the internet can be done in various ways such as youtube, facebook and other platforms where you can earn money with. In this article I'll tell you with which smartphone app you can earn and claim free bitcoincash (btc) cryptocurrency.

What do you need to get started?

- Smartphone (Android)

- An internet connection

- A bitcoincash address (This is the address where you will be paid on

Where can I get my own bitcoincash address?

To receive your bitcoincash you need a bitcoincash address. you will be paid at this address and where your own cryptcurrency will be stored. Create a free account at coinbase,


I also use this app myself! When I get my bitcoincash paid out, I can then also choose to exchange this for Bitcoin, Litecoin and 25+ coins or of course for normal cash.

Click here to create a free account at Coinbase


View here under a bitcoincash address example:



Claim up to 100,000 free btc (bitcoincash sathoshis) every hour + bonus claims! 

Once you have your own bitcoincash address (for example on coinbase) you can then download the app via google play store and create a free account free bitcoin cash.


Register your own bitcoincash address in the app and your own freebitcoincash account has been created :) You can start earning money now! You can make a claim every hour and many bonus claims. With the hourly claim you have the chance to win 100,000 satoshis.



You start with 2 spins and you can continue with ads in between until you can no longer spin. You can also earn extra bitcoincash by making offerings through the offerwalls. For example, download games, fill in questionnaires etc.



When does this app pay you?

When you have claimed more than 10,000 satoshis together, you will automatically be paid every Tuesday.

Coinbase and freebitcoincash link:

Create a free account on coinbase for a bitcoincash address that you need for withdrawals (click here to go to coinbase)

Download the app (click here) if you are interested in earning free cryptocurrency

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