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Hot Bath Have Auxiliary Therapy Effect to the Prostatitis

Door Bkygyugbvhjk gepubliceerd op Saturday 15 June 11:18

Men with prostatitis should be actively treated, hot bath or sitting bath have good effect for prostatitis patients for it can help blood circulation and to alleviate the symptoms.

A lot of medical specialists who treat prostatitis view hot bath as an aid therapy to treat chronic prostatitis and other pelvic infection congestive diseases. So with the long-term treatment, the patients can take hot water sitz bath as a effective auxiliary therapy. 

The principle of hot bath is very simple: it can make local blood vessels to dilate, accelerate blood circulation, make the patient feel warm and comfortable as to alleviate symptoms. Taking a hot bath can improve blood circulation in the prostate which is good for prostate hyperplasia.

Patients can take a hot sitz at home without special equipments. It is really simple: fill a large basin with nearly half the water. After the patient has emptied his bladder, he sits his hips in that basin. Patients need to keep the water temperature be between 40 and 42℃ and add hot water to maintain water temperature. Patients can take a hot sitz bath 1 or 2 times at a time and each sitz lasts 15-30 minutes. 

The main reason of getting prostatitis is that deficiency of kidney Qi as well as Qi and blood sedimentation caused by kidney deficiency of the patients. Hot sitz bath has bad effect on the patients’ testicles. So in particular, the patient need to hold his testicles up while having a hot sitz bath, otherwise he will become infertile at some level. Especially to some patients who want to have their own babies. 

Warm water sitting in the basin or hot bath can activate blood stasis, promote blood circulation of the prostate gland, can improve symptoms. At the same time with the treatment of drugs, patients can recover faster.

As another natural healing, you can also take some medicine to clear heat, kill bacteria, eliminate inflammation, eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation etc. For example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is made from the pure natural herbs is a good choice. The pill  does not harm the normal cells and tissues at all and it can also improve the patient's body environment to achieve the double cure effect of governing and supporting. 

Last but not the least, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken for a long time without making patients resistance to drugs.

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