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The good and the bad : 


We live, we love, we have hope, we cherish, we have faith, we have dreams, we laugh, we build relationships, we make decisions that we think are right, we regret, we have grief, we feel, we think and we act.

These things are the good things but there can’t be good without evil. Every decisions every feeling we have has been created that we want to do good. But when you can do really good there has to be evil. Every living person has sometimes an evil emotion think about, being angry, wanna hurt somebody, feeling jealous, feeling alone and even the good parts of our self’s can come forth of an evil thought.


Before you can recognize the good and the bad you have to make a journey, you have to make decisions and you must make peace with your actions. Why you did it, why did someone else did it that’s even more important. You can stay angry about someone who has hurt you or who you think who let you down. But after all they are thinking to do the right. To be the good for themselves.  You can subscribe the Yang as the bad and the Ying as the good. But the fact is , what is good and what is evil  or the better word bad ? You are the only one who can decide on this question. You have to know for yourself what you want for your life and which good you want in your life in which evil you let in, in your own life. I repeat it without the good there can’t be evil, without evil there can’t be any good.


Now this sounds like a lot of chit chat and rubbish. But think, don’t think too hard because it is easy honestly. Take a normal day of your life. You go to work, you laugh , you live and you do your thing. But every day you have choices , choices to shout, to keep your mouth or to help people. In every day there are choices you can make. The good and the bad. The ‘’ Ying’’ and the ‘’ Yang ‘’.


Somebody told me, that we make our own future. We create our own happiness.  Sometimes doing something bad is for the good. But is it ? I believe it is. When you lie to someone you can do it for protecting someone else. The action of lying is bad. But the result is good. This is what I try to say for everyone there is a difference in the ‘’ Ying’’ and the ‘’ Yang’’ So call to your inner self and decide on witch path you wanna live.


I’ve been told that I sometimes do things without thinking that I can go on , and on nagging about things. I know I do and I choose to change it, because I think this ‘’ evil ‘’ is not good for me and no good for others. But for you, who read this it hasn’t to be evil.  For myself I know I can love someone with all of my heart, be there for here even when the times are dark. I know I am flexible and can take a lot. But also I decided what is good for me and what is bad. I know what I want and which path I want to follow. With who I want to follow it, and with the good emotions and the bad I am going to do it. 


Now my life is turning to a dark page, dark emotions take over but I still feel the good. It is easy now to decide to sit in the dark and keep the lights out. I won’t I choose to stay  in these dark emotions and be a light for everyone I love. And I will keep on fighting until the day the pain is going away. Until the day I can only see the light  I choose to be there for the people who hurt me. To be the light in there dark when they need me. Because the people I surrounded me with, I know will do the same when the time will be there. But for someone else , getting hurt is a reason to let go. Is that wrong ? No it is not. They are in charge of their own good and evil. Or as I call it here ‘’ Ying’’ and ‘’ Yang.


Words are a powerful instrument. Words can start a war, destroy relationships, it can literally  be the source of evil. But also words can be used for good, it can be a light in dark moments, it can be a source for someone to keep on going. You can express your love with it to make people laugh and to comfort them. In everything we do and can do there is thin line between the good and the bad.


Keep on learning of the lessons you learn in this life. Keep on growing. Keep on being you and stay in the light. I hope you can achieve this amazing goad, and i hope everyone will stay in the light.





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