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Schrijfsel : Paralysed

Door RebelOfEden gepubliceerd op Monday 29 October 09:35

A loud bang. She can hear the glass breaking. A heavy pressure on her chest. Adrenaline rushing through her body. Pure fear.


She can hear him shouting. A girl starts screaming. Bloodcurdling screams. Crying out for help. A voice filled with pain. Fear.


She can’t move. Her own fear has paralysed her. Another loud bang. Something can be heard breaking. She tries to get up. She needs to help. But her legs are shaking.


The girl cries out for help again. A door slams. More glass breaking. Silence. As though the world has frozen. Not a sound can be heard anywhere.


She finally manages to get up. Her legs feel heavy. They won’t move. Her heart is racing. It hurts. She even struggles to steady her breath. Then another bang.


The door slams again. He is now screaming. His voice full of anger. Fury. The girl cries out again. She is begging for her life. A bang. Silence.


She is frozen. Paralysed. Phone in hand. Ready to call for help. The silence remains.

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