Door Druppels gepubliceerd op Monday 23 July 15:22

To remain in touch.
You can suppose to be selected
You may even believe to be elected...
but the only thing that's certain
is that we are all connected.
Even if you desire to be alone
somewhere there will be
someone who challenges your comfortzone
The comfort of togetherness,
getting to know
another seed that needs to grow.
I feel you
I like your presence
I'm glad that you want me to be there
I'm proud that you care me enough to share
We shall stumble
We will rumble
but there is nothing we can't handle.
Just why do we connect ?
Do we really need someone to share our being ?
Why do I treasure friends
while there is so much I do not like about humanity
but seem unable to cope without their company
I really don't get it
I often don't want to "people" anymore
So why am I always coming back for more ?

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